Sunday, 1 October 2006

Food additives

Here are two photo's. This was an experiment at my child's primary school. The photo on the left is a ham sandwich. the one on the right is a mcdonalds cheeseburger. they both sat in these containers in a classroom for about 6 months. note the difference in appearance. the cheeseburger looks and smells about the same as a 'fresh' one. the ham sandwich.... well, look for yourself. I have a real problem with what is allowed to happen to our food. Look at this. Mcdonalds is marketed to our children.
I have another story to tell about chicken breasts. A butcher told me about breast meat. Normally they soak our breast meat in bleach, keeps them white and they soak up the water and this makes them heavier to sell. Ewwwww.
What about preservative 282 in bread. And monosodium glutomate. most of the population is allergic to these substances and the authorities allow them to fill our food. Its just not on.
I also have a real problem with 'diet coke' etc. these contain aspartame, or additive no. 951. Aspartame turns into a toxic sludge at 37 degrees. Most people are allergic to aspartame as it is a poison. It mimics the symptoms of diabetes, parkinsons disease etc. Very bad.
Watch what you eat.
I have a real issue with this - maybe if the government told us about these things then we could make the conscious decision to avoid them. As it is people dont know and keep merrily poisoning themselves and wonder why they get cancer or something.
Its a crime.
Sorry but i just felt that i had to spread the word.
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EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!I watched "supersize me" and that grosed me out too!Fresh Vegies Rule!

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