Saturday, 21 October 2006

You know how everything seems to be going well then all of a sudden it turns to sh#@. Never mind - am just dealing with stuff and trying not to be negative.

On a positive note - my two youngest kids are at a sleep over at a neighbours house - it is very quiet here. This is good. Very relaxing.

Am boring lately. Dont have any shiny new cars to name or bizzarre dreams to report. Sorry bout that.

Had a fun day yesterday though, went to the Fruit and Vegie market at Sandgate with my Sister In Law. Had a great time and saved heaps of money. I got 6 punnets of strawberries for $5!!! (among other things but that was the highlight). Can recommend it to anyone, dont forget to take your own trolley though, we didnt but luckily i saw a friend who was leaving that lent us hers. Its a long way to the car with an 18kg box of apples!! Anyway, am going to start a little syndicate and go over once a fortnight, sounds like a plan.

See how boring my life is - am excited by vegetables.

I have been to the library too - has anyone been to the new Wallsend Library yet - gee its good. Very modern and BIG - heaps bigger then the old one... Bought home 4 books, one i am particularly excited about called Weatherwitch by Cecilia Dart Thornton - this is the third book (brand new) in a trilogy called the Crowthistle Chronicles. Fantasy, magic, love it. Not big enough though, only about 400 pages. Short story for me. I am an obsessive compulsive reader. I only allow myself to read a book every month or so as NOTHING else gets done while i am reading. Well everyone gets fed (something quick and easy) but thats about it. The mess piles up around me and i dont see it. Hubby walks in and groans, oh god, she is reading.... Oh well, i could have a worse habit!! And i do try to be sensible about it.

Well i am feeling REALLY ordinary so i think i might call it a day - then try to do the three things, should be fun with my frame of mind.....

have fun
luv jen


Kathleen said...

I love reading books too, I tend to read 2-3 or more at the same time! I am reading three books at the moment, one being Tobsha Learner's "The Witch of Cologne"!

Kathleen xOx

Anchell said...

Me too.....I dont limit myself however.....part of my problem i spose

Elizabeth said...

reading & vegetables- the two loves of my life _ also bargains- love those too........

Cyndy said...

I've lost the plot when it comes to, really I have..;)