Saturday, 7 October 2006

Mars and Venus in October

This came today in my latest Edgar J Winter Astrology email. I think it accurately reflects what I can see going on in my own life and in the lives of those around me so I thought i would share.

The Union of Mars with Venus!

This month features the sacred union of Mars and Venus joining together within less than10 degrees this entire month, and making their exact conjunction on Oct 24. This joining of Venus and Mars is also occurring near the Sun. Sun and Mars are exactly conjunct on Oct 22 and Sun and Venus are exactly conjunct on Oct 27. In this case the Sun is illuminating the shadow or denied aspects of our inner feminine and inner masculine sacred relationship often noticeably reflected in our external relationships.
A primary theme this month is centered on how to fully engage conscious loving equal partnership and relationship with ourselves and with each other. This involves being willing to engage what we have denied in ourselves, noting what is being reflected or mirrored to us in our outer world. If we have judgment towards self or others, if we are working to control outcomes, or repressing feelings, or a myriad of other things that diminishes our ability to love ourselves and to love life, then it is time to make a commitment to truly loving ourselves and to genuine personal growth and well-being. One way to begin is by asking what we need to release and what we need to embrace to create a more loving, fun, joyful life experience.
From:- Cayelin K. Castell. ‘Celestial Timings’.


Anchell said...

Well, thats very interesting and apt is it not!

rainbowspirit said...

I thought the same precious... I thought the same!