Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Balsamic, laughing and energy

Three things

1. Italian Roasted Tomato and Balsamic rice crackers from Sakata - yummo!!! (best low fat snack i have found)

2. Back to work today for my regular day per week at school - good to feel useful and get some things accomplished. I LOVE my boss - she and i have the same sense of humour (scary thought) and we spend most of the day laughing, we crack each other up..... love it

3. Amazing energy this afternoon that 'blew the cobwebs' from my 3rd eye area and ears and filled my heart to overflowing. I enjoyed the opportunity to think positive thoughts and strengthen my connection to the divine.

Very tired - had to go to a meeting tonight and didnt get home til late - very tired..... yawn


Elizabeth said...

hey Mary,
i love todays three & will go buy some sakata to replace the chocolate bullets........thanks for making me an official friend.........enjoy your day.......

rainbowspirit said...

My pleasure - and i hope you enjoy the crackers!! they are my substitute for potato chips, to which i am addicted!!!