Saturday, 28 October 2006


Ok ok Anchell - here i am... have been watching trashy American shows on foxtel with my daughter - you know, little mother daughter bonding moment. I wont go into it though....

i have been thinking tonight about words that i love to say - don't ask my why, i still don't know how my brain works - it just does!! Here are some examples of words i love to say

Bohemian - i don't know why, i think it is the way it just rolls off my tongue, I feel like i can identify with that or maybe i am a wannabe - i don't know....

Frock - i love the word frock. People really smile when i say it and i say it at every opportunity. E.g. I love my frilly, floral frock!!! How cool is that... love it (p.s. i dont really have a frilly, floral frock!!!)

Vociferous - I heard a bonehead (i say that non-judgementally you know) footballer use the word 'vociferous' today on telly in front of a big crowd. I bet he learned it especially for the TV interview. What a crack up - i have to say that i thought it meant 'loud' but had to look it up for sure. According to dictionary dot com it means 'making a loud outcry; clamorous; noisy'. I might add that the footballer in question was referring to the crowd.

Festy - what a cool word to use for something that is a bit rotten. E.g. a festy frock!!! lol. (sorry - cracked myself up). I love the word 'festy' and try to get it in any opportunity. Makes me smile.

Well i am sure there is more, but with Anchell bullying me to post, its all i can come up with at short notice.

Have had a bit of a relaxed one today, as is my wont on a Saturday. Got some washing done, read the paper, tidied up a bit... you know, the usual.

One thing is - i do have a headache and have had for most of the day. Might have something to do with the fact that Elizabeth suggested that I give up wheat for a fortnight to see if it makes a difference to my wellbeing... (i wont go into details) - i thought ' fine - i don't eat much wheat anyway' - bull sh&* i say. I am gobsmacked at how many times i have reached for the jar of Pepita's and cashews, as i cannot have what i wanted. Eye opening and interesting. Maybe this headache is the result of withdrawal symptoms. Hopefully will be OK for tomorrow, if not will drop a handful of over the counter drugs.

I have been waiting for this workshop for years, i am so there its not funny!!! Cant wait, am looking forward to all aspects of tomorrow - the art, the spirituality, the like minded conversations.... everything. Aaaaggghhhhh - can hardly contain myself.

well might go and get some shut eye. i have been awake since 4.45am this morning - for some reason the sun woke me today.

- as the old saying goes 'spring forward, fall (autumn) back'
Love to all


Anchell said...

Very good jen

Elizabeth said...

isnt that strange- I thought I was the only person in the world who used to word 'frock'- amzing, i love it & now so does 19stranger.
great list Jen & yes, wheat & gluten are everywhere- makes a huge difference when youa re off them, but beleive me , the body will fight- luckily, the soul ( you) are stronger......

Cyndy said...

I'm a frock sort of girl, too....;)