Monday, 23 October 2006

Hot chocolate, fairies and blogs

3 for today

1. Laughing - i had the great pleasure of sharing a cup of hot chocolate (well not really sharing, she had her own!!) with a great friend of mine last night in a darby st cafe. We have so much in common and only get together every now and again due to our overly busy lives. When we are together we laugh and laugh and laugh (and talk). Love it - laughing is good.

2. Coming home to find all my housework done - THE FAIRIES ARE BACK!!! no not really, damn it, my eldest had a day off school today with a sore throat and while i was out working at school all day she got the washing off the line and sorted it, washed another load, vacuumed, tidied the living areas and kitchen, even wiping over the benches. God love her.

3. Blogging - I am totally addicted!! I am at a loss to explain exactly what used to take up so much of my time online before i discovered blogging. I am forever grateful to Anchell for introducing me to this most wonderful of pasttimes and in the process assisting me to rediscover my spirit.


Cyndy said...

three more great thank you's, Jen..but you must resist the temptation to make your lovely girl sick more often..;)

Anchell said...

Gawd I m good. Did I mention that I have a car?