Wednesday, 18 October 2006


Hi all - well the last few days since school went back has been absolutely manic. Late nights and early mornings. When i came home this afternoon i had a shock as i thought our house had been ransacked and then realised that it was just how we left it. Must do something about that tomorrow - bloody maid, am going to have to let her go as she doesn't do a damn thing around here!!!

So i have a much more relaxed day tomorrow - with just a morning assembly to attend so should be finished by 10.30. Aaaahhhh - what will i do with so much spare time. (besides tidy the house!!) Certainly I will be pencilling in some thinking time - as mindless merry-go-rounds don't allow much time for thought!!

I am relatively new to blogging and am not sure of the protocol etc when it comes to 'friends' etc. My self confidence is low-ish and do not want to seem presumptuous by adding people as friends when they may not want me to. Elizabeth - I am honoured that you call me friend, and Mary, and I cannot wait to come and play at The Cottage. Thank you for your acceptance.

I would also like to say that if anyone is happy for me to add them on my friends list, please leave your comment and i will add you post haste!! The more the merrier!!!

Our road will be smooth and untroubled,
no matter what care life may send,
if we travel the pathway together
and walk side by side with a friend.
Sweet dreams all
luv jen


Cyndy said...

Hello, blog-buddy Jen. You can add me if you wish. There certainly seems to be unwritten protocol in regards to blogging, doesn't there?.. It's a bt like an episode of "Seinfeld" really...keep up the good work..:)

Kathleen said...

Yep! put me on your friends list!

There are no strangers here, only friends that haven't met in the physical!

Kathleen xOx

Anchell said...

Just whack em all on there....if they comment regularily then they is blogfriend.......I think

rainbowspirit said...

Hmmm - I cant do that anchell - what if someone looked and thought 'who does she think she is putting MY name there' - my insecurities cant cope!!!
You are probably right though, but i just cant do it....

Elizabeth said...

well you can certainly add my niece Kristy- being pregnanat she is going to need al our stories & for protocol- there is none, basically be nice & you are.........
mary vinigar......x