Monday, 30 October 2006

Full moon info

Here is the latest weekly timings from Edgar J Winter - very interesting i thought. So i am sharing it with you....

The full Moon is in Taurus plays the role of ‘baggage handler’ on the 5th November!

This full moon period is like being a ‘bellboy’ at the local hotel and has a lot of work to do. A family of five intense Scorpio visitors are opposite this service guy and he is seen as having a mountain of Heavy Baggage’ to move or carry. You probably have a heavy burden to bear. These may be your own burdens or they may indeed be other peoples. Be careful that you are not doing too much for others. Bellboys or ‘Porters’ having too much to carry can lead to bad posture, bad backs or a distorted infrastructure. Don’t let yourself be used to carry other peoples’ stuff’!

Mercury is in retrograde in Scorpio until November 17th. This gives us extra time to rework the energies. The thrice annual backwards cycle of the communication planet is a time when the flow of information slows. Data may be lost, conversations misconstrued and machines more likely to break down. Greater care in how you speak and more attention to details helps to avoid these problems. From a positive perspective, the inward turn of the mind can allow reflection and research that deepens understanding of yourself and others.

In alchemical magic, Mercury as Hermes sits on top of the vessel of transformation and keeps the juices cooking. We're all be cooking in this cosmic soup we are in together. What shall we make of it all?

Even when they're not on a mission, Scorpios are still undoubtedly sniffing out clues. They're born detectives who are always on duty, analysts who never stop digging for answers, and investigators who are perpetually in search of information. A mystery is an invitation to these folks; what's below the surface is simply irresistible.

And speaking of irresistible, if you're attracted to a Scorpio and vice versa, whether it's been 24 years or 24 hours, rest assured that they'll never cease to amaze, astound and startle you. Just when you think you've got them all figured out (although you likely stopped laboring under that illusion shortly after you two met), they'll say or do something that will cause you to find them even more fascinating. They're loyal to a fault -- but maybe just a bit too jealous at times, so don't play games with that emotion -- and perfectly willing to fire walk for you. And whether or not you opt to make the relationship legal, 'until death do us part' will always apply. Their love will literally last forever!

Relationships are being healed, created and ended. As the Sun, Moon and personal planets dive into Scorpio, the Black Moon (Lilith) is stepping from Virgo into Libra. A relationship with each other, as well as our personal and collective relationship with the Earth is being tuned up by the Goddess power, indeed: All our Relations. The Scales may be tipping. Decisions are being made. In Scorpio choices are often made unconsciously. If there is truly an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, which one are you listening to?

Finally from an old French Proverb…”Everyone thinks his own burden heavy”



Rylah said...

Hmmm, sounds intense... I have a moon in Scorpio in my birth chart - I know intense!

Anchell said...

Intense schmentz......I dont need ANY more baggage so I refuse...

Elizabeth said...

wow, that is interesting can it be almost full moon again ?
i am so tired & havent done beltaine yet............