Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Meme.. Nine layers.... avoiding reality....


  • Name: Jenni
  • Birth date: 27th August 19ahem
  • Birthplace: Newcastle Australia
  • Current Location: Still there
  • Eye Color: A boring and unexceptional shade of hazel
  • Hair Color: Dark brown with lighter foils
  • Height: 163cm or so
  • Righty or Lefty: Right
  • Zodiac Sign: Sun - Virgo.... (there is sooo much more to astrology then this)


  • Your heritage: Australian /German (Bavarian to be exact)
  • The shoes you wore today: Platform thongs
  • Your weakness: Pods. Chicken chips (crisps). Roasted pumpkin risotto
  • Your fears: Not being loved
  • Your perfect pizza:Pepperoni with garlic
  • Goal you’d like to achieve: Complete Level 3 YAAD - High Priestess


  • Your most overused phrase on IM: rofl
  • Your first waking thoughts:Another day.... hooray
  • Your best physical feature: My brain
  • Your most missed memory: My dad


  • Pepsi or Coke: Neither
  • McDonald’s or Burger King: Neither
  • Single or group dates: I havent dated for at least 26 years, but if I did I would probably rather go in a group... at least for a while
  • Adidas or Nike: Whatever, I'm not into brands
  • Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Neither. Chai or coffee.
  • Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
  • Cappuccino or coffee: Latte??? Why isnt it an option???


  • Smoke:I smoked for 28 years leading up to last september (the 8th to be exact) when I stubbed out for the last time in my life. Best decision I ever made. Yay me.
  • Cuss: (soooo stealing this one Nat) Like a wharfie, who dropped a crate on his toe.
  • Sing: Badly... but a lot
  • Take a shower everyday: Of course!!
  • Do you think you’ve been in love: I have three children. Of course. Romantically?? of course.
  • Want to go to college: We dont have 'college' in Australia in the style of this question. But would I like to further my education... Bring it on baby!!!
  • Liked high school:The learning - oh yes. The social bit - almost destroyed me.
  • Want to get married:Not ever again in this lifetime.
  • Believe in yourself: Sometimes. Sometimes I dont know what to believe.
  • Get motion sickness: No
  • Think you’re attractive: Not on the outside
  • Think you’re a health freak:I have lots of food 'issues' but am not a health freak.
  • Get along with your parent(s): Yes. My mum and I meet in the middle somewhere....
  • Like thunderstorms: Oh yes.. mother nature at her majestic best!!!
  • Play an instrument: Does the comb count???

LAYER 6: In the past month…

  • Drank alcohol:yup
  • Smoked: No way
  • Done a drug: nope
  • Made Out: not that I recall....
  • Gone on a date:Out for lunch with hubby.. yes
  • Gone to the mall?: yes.. the second largest Westfield in Australia apparently
  • Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: Arent they chocolate biscuits??? No .....
  • Eaten sushi: no way.. YUK
  • Been on stage: not in the last month
  • Been dumped: Hmmm, not quite... rejected by a teenager yes!!
  • Gone skating: nope
  • Made homemade cookies: Martha Stewart I am not...
  • Gone skinny dipping: Not in the last month....
  • Dyed your hair: Had a few foils........?
  • Stolen Anything: Of course not

LAYER 7: Ever…

  • Played a game that required removal of clothing: ahem, yes
  • Been trashed or extremely intoxicated:oh yes
  • Been caught “doing something”: Not that I wasnt able to cover up
  • Been called a tease:Yup
  • Gotten beaten up: no, not what I would call 'beaten up'...
  • Shoplifted:A bottle of nail polish from Big W when I was about 13
  • Changed who you were, in order to fit in: Occasionally... doesnt feel good


  • Age you hope to be married: Oh, sooo last decade....
  • Numbers and Names of Children: 3 of them - Airlie 16, Kira 14 and Egan 8
  • Describe your Dream Wedding: Hugely expensive, on a beach somewhere exotic
  • How do you want to die: quickly
  • Where you want to go to college: I dont want to 'go' to college, I want to study locally
  • What do you want to be when you grow up: Do I have to grow up?????????
  • What country would you most like to visit: Easy... Europe


  • Number of drugs taken illegally: one or two... ahem
  • Number of people I could trust with my life: I am a very lucky girl.. I could count at least 6 or 7
  • Number of CDs that I own: Lots.. most of my music is digital though
  • Number of piercings: Ears three times
  • Number of tattoos: Just one (cant wait for the next)
  • Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: Two or three
  • Number of scars on my body: nothing substantial
  • Number of things in my past that I regret: A couple of things I would not do again if I had my time over.... :)

Your turn... thanks Nat


Paula and Skip said...

Hi, I very much enjoyed learning about you. "I" is a German, to be exact Bavarian, born on 27 of August... Thought that is good for a laugh and maybe a nice online friendship. Paula xx

janis said...

Oh Jen~
That was so interesting. We get those as an email then you pass them to get to know each other better. You are braver than me to do a post on it! (I couldnt possible especially while I am having "background" checks looking for a new job!). What did you mean when you said you don't have colleges in Australia? No Universiies or trade schools either? We have soooo many here it is difficult to choose the best fit. (My Annie, recently chose the same as her sis in Muncie Indiana).
You are such an interseting gal.. Thank you for the window inside your world!

Natalie said...

I liked the bit about doing a meme to avoid reality - me too! he,he.

That is always the reason I do them, something to post, when I don't feel up to posting.xx♥

Jen said...

P & S - WOW - we share a birthday and a heritige.. maybe we were separated at birth!!! Online friends is an excellent idea. Will pop over to your blog now!!.

Janis - We have Universities and higher education, they are more like regular schools where people attend every day... not like the live in affair like i see on the telly. Also, probably more people 'dont' attend then do. Oh... am having trouble explaining. Will think about it and get back to you.

Nat - Oh yes. ditto ditto ditto. Talk about seperated at birth!!!

Hippy Witch said...

How interesting Jen, I liked reading about you. How do I get to do it. What does overused phrase on IM mean?

skywind said...

Oh, you said to these, I am very interested. :)
Health information
Humor & Fun World

Jen said...

Darling Diana.. just open a new post window and copy and paste mine into it. Then all you have to do is change the answers to your own.

Looking forward to reading your Meme


Lisa said...

im goign to do this one Jen- when i can be assed......maybe tonight.are you coming tomorrow ? saturday ?
do you miss mY screwed up little face?

Vevay Anderson said...

These are so much fun to read!
Again with the Pods? You are wicked wicked as I want them so badly but have never seen one in my life!

Jen said...

Lisa - I cant come tomorrow.. but will definately be there on Saturday!!! And of course I have. Its been absolute DAYS since I have seen you!!! hee hee

Vevay - sooo sorry. I will try to stop mentioning them. Maybe I could send some over??? Would they make it through customs??

The Tall Red Head said...

I seem to be the only person who doesn't like thunderstorms! They are loud and scary people!!!

I am having so much fun commenting now. My computer loves me again :)