Friday, 13 March 2009



I have achieved something that I havent been able to achieve for a few weeks now.

My elder daughter. Who has been suffering immensely from woes of the teenage variety (you know the kind, the ones that force you to treat your mother like the enemy) and other afflictions (we know not which). Has managed to make it through a day without losing her shit.

Her mother (that would be me) has also gotten through a day without losing her shit, or indeed, leaking from the eyes. MUCH GOODEST!!!

Not only that, strides have been made at her institution of education that have supported her and made her mother very happy.


Oh... what a good day.

I feel such a huge relief also. I have been battling my own stuff and trying not to make trouble and supporting traumatised teens and it has all been blowing up in my face regularly.

I am too sensitive and tend to get myself too involved. I am stepping back now and looking after me more. (can you hold me to that... please. I know me)

three steps forward today, without even a hint of a backwards one... WOO HOO

In other news...

My son, the 8yo computer whizz, has created a you tube clip on some pokemon thingy. I think it is sooo cute. He worked this out all by himself and did it all without rehearsal or instruction. He is SUCH a 'Generation Z' kid. Here is the link. If you go and look at it, can you please make a comment or rate it as good or something.. will make his day. :D thank you.


Linda S. Socha said...

Happiness!.....Try try again really does often work!! Love the video. He sounds so cute and smart!

Anonymous said...

Oh my stars Jen, Ian's (hope I heard his name correctly) Pokemon video is EXCELLENT! I wasn't able to comment, as I am not as technoligically savvy as he is, but please let him know that if I had Pokemon, I would follow his instructions to the letter! He did an EXCELLENT job!
Glad to hear you had a good day with your daughter!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Yay you, for having a great day! I'm going to check out the video clip. My son loves Pokemon, too, so I'll have to favorite it and show him when he gets home from school. :-)

Michelle said...

If I may be so bold.....our kids copy us in the way we handle things I find. If we freak out over everything, so do they, if we can manage to hold on to our humour and just get things done, then they learn that too. Its okay to lose the plot, but its also necessary to show them how to find it again. This is what I am experiencing anyway with mine. She is learning that life gets hard sometimes but its ok to ask for help, that sometimes we just have to muddle through till a solution presents itself too. And that its not ok to just give up and hope that an answer flies out of thin air to fix it. That we cant expect someone else to always be there to pick up our mess. And that we are responsible for our own shit. That actions have consequences that mum can't always fix either. That mum will always try anyway.

At least I hope she is.

Time will tell.

Breeze said...

I call it being "teenagery"

I'm gonna check out the link and make a comment.

Congrats on the steps forward!


Hippy Witch said...

Ya!!!!!!! I looked at you tube, very good Egan. It said I have to have a utube account to leave a comment, and I can't even go there. So tell him I checked it out.

Delwyn said...

Dear computer whizz kid,
you are amazingly clever. I can tell that you will become a very talented computer tech one day...

Natalie said...

"I am stepping back now and looking after me more. (can you hold me to that... please. I know me)"

I will kick your hairy ass, if you don't! :D LOL!

Jen said...

Thanks guys - kid is sooo impressed that his video has had 27 or so hits. Very proud.

(Audrey, his name is 'Egan')



Dreamers Dream said...

wow now i can only think of what my mom would feel.

aww, when i was like in elem, I used to be OBBSESSED with pokemon!


Kikit said...

the simple joys of being a mother :)

Mrs. C. said...

Very good video, and helpful for those of us who are not tech-savvy! Now if he could only help me send my cell phone photo messages... ;)

But seriously, I loved listening to Egan's voice. He sounds very confident and the accent (I know, it's just his voice to you) is so cute! I tried to sign up for a YouTube account to leave him a message but it hasn't worked yet. Can anyone say TECH MORON?

Jen said...

Thanks Hailey and Kitkit, I appreciate it.

And Mrs C, I think he sounds sooo cute too. And I have that same accent, lol. He is truly a computer whizz. Thanks heaps

Renee said...

Keep your chin up and I just wanted to say when she loses her shit, keep calm. That is what teenagers do. That is their job.

I think the key is not to take it personally. I would always talk to her about respect, etc. But if you don't take it personally, it will not have the power over you to make everything chaotic.