Monday, 23 March 2009


☺ It is definately Monday... .

☺I have a teensy headache starting in my right temple. I think it relates to tiredness and a bit of stress.

☺I was quite far behind organisationally (its a word!!!) in my YAAD filing and sorting.

☺I am not now.... although seeds may have been sacrificed in its place - Lisa :D

☺ I am very excited because I have just organised and paid for a couple of days in our beautiful state capital city of Sydney...

☺Will take lots of photos and come back and post them for you to see.

☺ We will be going to the Zoo - we havent been there for about 7 years now - so long overdue for a trip.

☺ A girly day of shopping to be had too, while the boys do boy stuff together.

☺ Working tomorrow. Plurghhhh x 1243534526 (hate that school... think of the money!!!)

☺I love my bloggie friends.

☺ I love my real life friends too.

☺ I love my real life friends that are bloggie friends all in one.

☺ Sisters. I have been pondering sisterhood. Most specifically Sisters by choice as opposed to sisters by birth. I have no sisters by birth so am not qualified to comment. Sisters by choice however, I have quite  a few. I would not be able to live without them. Men dont seem to need that connection with other men that women need with other women.

☺ Pasta for dinner tonight was YUMMO.

☺ Also have been pondering personal space and that inner ring and who we let in to it. Specifically, what happens when you let someone in and they let you down. What then. That is worse then if you had only let them into an outer ring. Yes it is.

☺ I am addicted to Pods (does anyone want to take responsibility for that??) and have found that if you dont want to eat the whole bloody bag then you shouldnt open it at all. Or dont have it in the house. They are EVIL!!!

☺ Newly 14 year old girls who are clever and sporty and pretty and can do anything they try are obnoxious little shits who need to get knocked down a peg or two off the pedestal they put themselves on. (was that the sound of a metaphor being mixed I hear?)

☺ I love to read blogs and find so much inspiration here..... I just wish I had time to put it all into practise. 

☺ I am going to bed now.

☺ Goodnight!!! mwa


Natalie said...

Hope you are feeling better tomoz, love.
Caitlin was thrilled that you remembered her birthday. It meant a lot to her, and she had the biggest smile.

Breeze said...

What are Pods?

I hope your headache subsides quickly

good day!

Lisa said...

what a great post.
i am a great sister xx
do seeds
eat pods
sounds ok to me xx

Evil Twin's Wife said...

There is so much a good night's rest can cure. Hope you slept well! :-)

Michelle said...

Must have been a big day Jen!

Tomoorow will be, ummm...different:)