Wednesday, 25 March 2009


It is hot again today.I have relented and put on the air conditioning. I am sooo over it!
I just wish it would cool down already...

Pods... aaahhh pods.
Breeze asked what pods were and I am unsure if they are an Australian thing only but here is a picture.
ohhhh they are to die for. They are a crunchy biscuit 'cup' with creamy flavoured chocolate filling. WARNING!!! DO NOT OPEN A BOX IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO MAKE YOURSELF SICK EATING THEM!!! I am not a 'sweets' person, usually preferring to snack on savouries. Pods, however, transcend all boundaries.

Life this week.

Mostly good. All I could ask for really. Aside from monsterous headache. Migraine reallly. That was yesterday though, and today have only twinges remaining. Sick of it though and took painkillers anyway. Sook - I know.

I am in awe of blogger.

I have been fairly isolated for a long time now. Of my own making mostly - have always preferred keep my own company - not agrophobic (spell) by any stretch, but still, 'hermitlike' I guess.

This has meant that I spend a lot of time in my own head. I also have a bad habit of (dont laugh) talking to myself. To the point that if I do go out, grocery shopping for instance, I chat to myself under my breath. I wonder if anyone else does this. I also think that this tendency has led me to verbalise so much of what is going on in my head - sometimes when I am in company, I say things that I meant to keep to myself. Hmmmm, now I have actually written this down it really looks quite crazy....

Anyhow, back to the point as to why I am in awe of blogger.

It has given me a glimpse into the lives of others.

It is a community of people, all doing their thing, however they do it. All reading and looking at pictures of everyone doing their own thing.

No expectations. No one to tell me what to write.

If you dont like it you will pass me by. If you do, and feel so inclined, you can leave a comment. If you want to that is, no obligations here.

I am able to look around and read about what others are experiencing. I can look around and see that others are sometimes having a hard time, sometimes having a hoot!!

The things I see are astounding. Sometimes I look at a photograph or a piece of artwork and just sit in gobsmacked awe. I feel so incredibly inspired and wish I was more organised with my time so I could just create til my hearts content.... In the meantime, I am looking and looking and storing it all away for when I have more time.

I am feeling less like I am alone with all of you and your writing and reading. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your life with me and for taking the time to share mine also.

Oh well, better go.

Tea to cook

Still have to run the offspring to and from sport and work etc.

Thanks again ♥


Lisa said...

see you in the morning x

Delwyn said...

Hello Jen
I hope that your head has cleared completely by tomorrow and that you can enjoy the world according to blog...

Bairbre Aine said...

When I pop in to blogger, I'm amazed at how instantly I feel 'community'.
When comments are left on my blog, and I realise I'm not JUST talking to myself anymore, but actually having 'delayed' chit chats with other women.
I too, am isolated. By choice as well.
Surviving divorce and raising two kids alone is fulltime job, in addition to my fulltime job as a teacher.
I find that I'm not inclined to 'feel' extremely lonely anymore.
Yes, I'm heartfully lonely.
But, I am more creative since I started blogging regularly, and I am encouraged by others commenting on my wee humble handmade things.
I actually made my first crochet tutorial. Inspired by a fellow crocheter in UK. She had shared a few patterns, I had enjoyed making, and I wanted to do the same.
so Jen, I am happy to read your blog today. I completely understand what you are expressing.
I agree about being able to peek into others 'worlds' from time to time. I enjoy this most heartfully.
Bairbre Aine

Natalie said...

Nice post, Jen. I feel inclined to comment, because I like your blog very much.xx♥

Michelle said...




Cyndy said...

I concur. (Yes, I watch too many tv-hospital shows..hahah)

And I seem to always have a fairly constant dialogue with myself. Luckily for me, I work with people who are predominantly old, sick & have dementia, so that they think that I'm talking to them. We have some facscinating conversations with ourselves/amongst others... Actually, I blend right in.

Scary. Keep being you, Jen. xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Jen I also like your blog very much. And like you, I have found such an amazing community here! It is interesting - I am pretty open and upfront with most people. But with blogging, I feel even more at liberty to discuss my bad days along with my good ones. The support I get from strangers who have become friends is astronomical! This blogging's a good thing!
Oh...and I have been known to mutter aloud to myself in the grocery store as well. I tell myself that it is perfectly normal!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Pods.
I don't buy them much anymore because they put the price up - they're nearly 5 dollars now.
Every now and then, though, it's a blissful treat. Oh, so addictive, though... I feel your pain!

Glad you're migraine is going. I've never had them - headaches, but not migraines. I'm really grateful for that.

Don't beat yourself up for taking painkillers. Sometimes you've just got to go for the chemicals!

*Ok, Jac, now you can tell her that you talk to yourself too*

I talk to myself too.


♥ Jac xxx

janis said...

I couldn't agree more about the blogger.
What started as an opportunity for me to write my feelings into a journal, has turned into a wonderful validation and I feel I have made friends.
Getting a comment thrills me! I love to get encouragement but also see that I am not alone and others have the same feelings as I. Also to hear difference of opinions is wonderful and enlightening. I value the comments.
Visiting others I sometimes feel as though I am a fly on the wall, easedropping into lives with permission. To see peoples passions, the photos, the humor. I love it.
As for the "pods" maybe you should sell online to us outside Austraia. They sound yummy!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We don't have those Pods in the US, but they look delicious!

Debbie said...

I've never seen those little goodies but they do sound like something I could consume in one sitting:)

Kathleen said...

From one hermit to another ... lets break out of our caves and get together and exchange thoughts while we play with bits of paper and glue!!!

I am dying for some like minded company!

Bee said...

ah youll be right,,,

Breeze said...

I love blogging! I love your blog. I've been nursing a sick child and a sore thumb and thinking in the back of my mind that Im neglecting my friends and the fact is I've only been on blogger a couple of months but I already feel that, I don't know, comeraderie.

And Pods look and sound so frickin' amazing. Why is Australia so darned far away from Canada? Darned continental divide.

I have a sweet tooth..they look so good..gonna have to smuggle some up and over is all. lol


Vevay Anderson said...

1) I LOVE Stumble! I am sooo addicted. There is lots of great stuff out there!

2) I wants Pods! I want them right now!

3) Blogger also leaves me in awe. Beautiful writing, artwork, pictures. New friends, who knew you could actually consider someone your friend through a blog? Great support system, excellent stress relief!

Love to you!