Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Thank you... and freaky thing

I want to say thank you soo soo much for all of the support and encouragement after my last pathetic post. It makes such a huge difference to be able to speak and be understood.

That is one of my biggest problems here. With my kids and even my husband - i am unable to communicate effectively. It drives me NUTS. I am on drops for that, hopefully will make progress soon.

Things are progressing slowly here. We seem to be taking three steps forward and two backwards lately. Although there has been occasions where we have taken three or four backwards... I think yesterday was one of those days. Those are the days that do me in.

I am way way too sensitive. I also tend to overreact at times and it is based in fear. I know. I need to let it go. And in a big way.

Its hard when it is your kid. Even if they are almost fully grown. It still can hurt.

Still, we soldier on. Teensy step forward. Will know more in the morning.

fingers crossed!!!


Sorry about the snake story. It truly was a shocker. My apologies to those that are still having nightmares..... trust me, so am I. My home feels violated now - its an awful feeling. I dont know how long it will take me to get over it.. I had a smaller, less venemous snake in my outdoor area six years ago and i still scan the whole floor with my eyes every time i walk through there. Oh well... May the Goddess protect us.

Freaky thing!!!!!!

Ok - a really freaky thing happened this evening.

I was taking my daughters friend home, along a stretch of road, about five kilometers of bushland and farms. A freaky thing happened and I am not sure i will be able to explain it properly. I will try.

At the side of the road i saw, right in the middle of the windscreen the bushes and grasses at the side of the road (on the left) travelling next to me whooshing, it looked like if you see the bushes in the rear view mirror from a bad angle.. you know?? I went like 'WTF??', no sooner then i thought this, then it whooshed over to the other side of the road and whooshed through the bushes on my right and disappeared. My gob dropped open. It was like an invisible something as big as an elephant was zooming through the bush.


Im like.. Okkkaaaaaay. Officially freaked out now. I have no explanation except for an alien or a ghost. And it could have been either because I happen to believe in them both. Freaky.

and NO - I had not been drinking.


Natalie said...

If it was near Black Hill, Mark and I have butted heads with it and it scared me into a blathering mess for hours.xx

Jen said...

it was Minmi Road, the last stretch of bushland before you get into Minmi, so not far from Black Hill!!!

So you have seen it too????????

I was ready to discount the first bit as my eyes playing tricks - when i saw clearly the other side of the road, was looking directly at it when it happened.


Lisa said...

full moon jen- thats why we have all been feeling off- it will pass xx

Myst_72 said...

First you get snakes inside now this....what is the message here?
I'm serious!
I have no idea...but it seems you are definitely having some happenings around some sorta message...I wonder what the next one will be?


skywind said...

Communication between family members is very important.
You see a ghost? Terrible.
Health is the Greatest Happiness
The World at The Present

Lisa said...

hey Jen, I have been thinking about what is tearing through your bush honey.
not bush-honey cause thats a different thing.hum.
you understand about energies of course and diva's etc- do you think FM has anything to do with this sighting,
Imagine having a lively gang of woodland sprites tearing around your bush- i cant imagine Canestan will be much help xxx

Evil Twin's Wife said...

What a bizarre experience! That would have freaked me out, big time!

Anonymous said...

Eeeeww! That is freaky! I also believe in ghosts and whatnot. I think that it is totally possible that is what you saw. Startling though, isn't it.
Where your family is concerned dear Jenn, all I can say is that as a teenager I was a HORRID person! I am embarrassed today at how poorly I treated the people who loved me. I can only explain it by saying that I felt "lost" and I took it out on everyone who loved me. I pray that things change for you soon. You are too sweet to have to deal with the nonsense!
And yes...I HAVE been having snake fact last night, I looked under my bed!!!!
Big, big hugs,

Michelle said...

A freaky disappearing elephant bush???



(You know I believe you....)

Kathleen said...

Ah, Minmi Road ... Some friends from the past had an "encounter" along that stretch of road many years ago!

Breeze said...

Wow! Do you have a Yeti legend of any kind over there? That's the first thing I thought of.