Saturday, 31 January 2009

I might rename my blog

I might call it -

The perspective from the see saw...

maybe One minute you are up, the next you are down

or Up Down Up

Am shaking my head at my life and thinking - no wonder I am a freaking nutcase.....

I have spent a reallly nice day, just quietly, in front of the air conditioner (thank the goddess for that), reading, on the computer... lovely.

When out of the blue comes a huge pile of doo doo dumped right in front of me.. nothing but to fall over it, face first.

Deal with that..

Then off to the Cottage for a wonderful night, with humungous belly laughs with the girls for Debs birthday dinner - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB!! LOVE YA!!!! You girls are sooo much fun - missed you Lisa.

Then home again and all is calm again.

I think it is the huge swinging emotional dramas of having two hormonal teenage girls in the house, plus my own hormones - and i am probably in the early stages of menopause, judging from my hot flushes etc. No wonder this is a freak show at times.

I just dont know how to deal with it. Like you are walking along, humming a little tune, when out of the blue someone belts you over the head with a dead fish. Whammo. Didnt even see it coming.

I hate it. I cant do anything about it - cept try to survive emotionally myself. Its hard and sometimes I reallly struggle. I am super sensitive. I cant help that, its just me.

I wonder for what reason this is upon me to learn about and so just let me learn it and lets move on. NEXT!!!!!!!

am sick of it

i just want to be happy

and calm

and peaceful


oh well... onwards we go.....


Natalie said...

Does it say in Life of Brian 'Blessed are the Mitches?"

How 'bout 'Blessed are the fish heads?"


Jen, seriously, you need to find someone who is putting in a new pool ~ you know why! xxoo
Love you too.

Kathleen said...

Having my own dead fish slapped in my hormonal emotional face too!

Thinking of you

Lisa said...

what about Mixed-up-Morg's-Musings
or Random Jen-ness