Thursday, 8 January 2009


Sometimes I feel like I have got it all wrong.

Sometimes I decide to goof off all day.

Sometimes I welcome the voices in my head, other times I tell them to go away

Soemtimes I worship the very ground you walk upon

Sometimes I measure myself against others

Sometimes I want to employ a housekeeper

Sometimes I walk like i belong in the Ministry of Silly Walks

Sometimes I search for my cousin on google

Sometimes I think life is exactly what you make of it

Sometimes after midnight I drag myself to bed even though I dont want to go

Sometimes I try to be something I am not

Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine my dad standing beside me

Sometimes I think really bizzarre stuff

Sometimes I will cry for no apparent reason

Sometimes I wont do as I am asked




Lisa said...

yes to all- except your dad- dont want him standing near my bed !

Anchell said... too


Kristy-Lee said...


The voices in MY head are telling me to tell you that that was a very good post and that housekeepers are cool.

(I am trying to get everyone to think they are cool so that it wont seem so bad when I get one...)


Natalie said...

Did you get my comment last night???

Jen said...

NO!!! What is going on with Blogger - thats two you have left that I havent got.... grrr

Lisa said...

worship the ground I walk on ? well, ofcourse........but only sometimes ???? Im a bitch the rest of the time huh ?

Jen said...

You say bitch like its a bad thing Lisa???