Monday, 12 January 2009

TUT - note from the universe

i just wanted to share my latest note from the universe with you, and try to get your mind of my disturbing curls...

Its incredible how timely these notes are - right when i started pondering, along comes encouragement -

here tis-

I realise theres an assumption that pervades most human thinking: that upon the day of birth, a new soul emerges... pure, bright and sparkling with promise. But then, how would you explain the gasp among those in the unseen, who, uponwitnessing your first howl as a babe, proclaimed, "Oh my God!!! NO way! It CANT be!! Thats.... Jen!!!"Jen, you are an ancient, timeless, powerful gladiator. You've always known exactly what you were doing. Today you are exactly where you should be and this year, more than ever before, "OMG" will precede your name.

Hubba, hubba
The Universe

Classic. Love it. Totally in sync with what is going on in my head. Excellent.
And - have been getting these for weeks and was being BULLIED to post this one. Maybe it will mean something to you too... dunno
anyhoo, back to my book


Anchell said...

Why are curls disturbing me???

The universe is funny

Sometimes it is the uniperverse

I crack me up


Natalie said...

Hubba hubba, you curly little smoochilicious girl.

our friend at Goldies who used to pinch the marshmallows for us said hi! to me tonight and asked how i was. He remembered me even though i am twenty (literally) kilos heavier.
Made my day.

Made me think of you and chelle and Darlin.

I have a "shifty" shift key. Like your b. Good ole days.

Jen said...

oh cool

did he get you extra marshmallows???

you are a funny funny girl!!