Thursday, 29 January 2009

Much ado about nothing

A goodest day

Been really busy being a social butterfly today, with a latte with a dear friend, a Sarcasm Sister - who has one of those quirky senses of humour that, mixed with mine, sees us rolling around laughing for most of the time we are together. Love it.

And then a humdinger of a roll for lunch with my bloggy (and real life) friend Natsy. More rolling laughing, dissection, d&m'ing and some wickedly yummy diet (apparently) chocolate.

A good day for sure

No offspring in sight all day.

All good on that front too.

I dont know if you recall my melodrama's re the eldest heading off to the new college for year 11 and my terror that she would ditch it because of being shy. Well she went and she likes it. PHEW!!!!!!!!! That is really really good news. She feels empowered and seems to have really grown up to where she should be virtually overnight. We sat and had a lovely chat for over an hour last night about stuff - school, friends, work, the future etc. You may take this for granted with your own teenager, but this kid has done little more then grunt at me for the past two years. MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH PEOPLES. I was revelling, but at the same time really conscious not to stuff it up. Hopefully it will happen again soon, establish some kind of pattern of communication here..... will wait and see what happens...

Middle child, the freak of nature, has gone back to school and is yipping off the walls at excitement. She has made some new friends and is looking forward to her new electives.... Hopefully she will maintain that enthusiasm - but not go overboard.... hmmm - wishful thinking??? lol

The boy is just happy. He is in a class with his mates and the swimming carnival is on tomorrow. He won his age group last year and it is now a lot to live up to - long as he does his best..... he is hard on himself though.

Working again tomorrow. At my favourite school. Yay. AND they have an air conditioner. YAY. So best go and get packed.



Natalie said...

Far King Yes!

Fancy spending the afternoon with a chick that has FIVE permanents and two casuals, and not a staff member in sight!!!

Good Day at the office, for sure.

Jen said...

hmmmm - took a while but i get it... :S

you a vewy stwange wady..... lol

Kristy said...

Dropped off a big fat bag of kiddies clothes for you at the cottage today. Just returning all those millions of clothes that you leant me millions of years ago.

Hope all is good.


Natalie said...

Should be right now, it was just mine not Hub.s. Did you get your $$$$$?

Wow! indeed. xo