Saturday, 10 January 2009


havingb a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kind of day.......

not sure why random 'b's are poppingb up in my text.....

very strangbe

honestly - unless i have developed some sort of nervous tic, am not sure why this is happeningb

shaking head.....


had a lovely (ish) dinner with family members - no one gbot stabbed - what more could you ask

missed Helens birthday gbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELEN!!!  Was thinking of you

sorry - am a bit of a misery gbuts this eveningb.......

frikkin 'b''s



Natalie said...

Hello, smoochilicious! aren't you having a 'B' of a day? LOL

I certainly was earlier.

It is all good, now that you are here, sucking up to me because of my Italian man! He, he.


I dunno, who knows the ways of this world? Certainly not I.


Anonymous said...

hope you feel better soon jen


Lisa said...

but you stillb worship me, right ?b

( actually you dont have a stutter, you have a BUTTER and everyoneb knows that butter makes you betterb !!!)

smile Jen : )

Jen said...


Anchell said...

Sounds like you're typing with a snotty nose :)

Never mind, tomorrow is another day and all that shiz..


jewell said...

thanks Jen...

it "b" ok you missed it

love to you xxx