Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hmmmm Posting... oh yes - I remember!!!

Posting - yes - here is one!! I doubt it will be OVERLY interesting, but here it is anyway....

I am HOT!!!



Well - not as hot as i could be, the air conditioner is going.. ha (dont tell me you thought I really meant me??)

I am just so bloody relieved that it hasnt reached the predicted 38 degrees. Was in more then a mild state of panic over that one let me give you the drill. Prepared and shopped to batten down the hatches and not leave the cave for at least three days. Got lots of salady type food and dvd's. All good.

Have been swimming too. Would you believe the pool is frikkin freezing!! took me about half an hour to move off the steps and another half an hour to get fully wet. DESPITE the 8yo tornado's efforts to drown me.  pft

All in all - feeling VERY grateful that i have air conditioning AND  a pool. Very grateful. muchly.

TOMORROW - Will be hitting the shops - Target in particular - for some fabbo back to school deals. Every year I think to myself "Self - dont go there!!!" and every year I get sucked back in. Sigh.... they just have some deals that are too good for me to refuse.  So I guess I will stop trying to stop myself and just accept the inevitable... acceptance - yes - that is the answer

Hmmm - just thinking about going gets me all excited. I am a stationary ADDICT. I am. I actually am really really looking forward to wandering (alone) through aisles and aisles of pens, pencils, books, paper.. folders - aaagghhhhh.  Wanna meet me there - we could do coffee??? Glendale

Oh well
Should get OFF MY HUGE BUTT and do something.  Yes - good plan.

See you soon
or not :)
Luv Jen


jewell said...

oh yes hot very hot indeedy...aircon is my very good friend...doesn't help when your body temp is up be 2 degrees

Myst_72 said...

Glad you remembered to post Jen!

Also glad it's not that hot here :)


Anonymous said...

I'm a total stationary NUT too! I LOVE back to school time!


Natalie said...

Did you get my first comment??

If not, then: sounds like a plan if I can off load SIX kids tomoz at any time.... Whaaa

I want to come!!!

Jen said...

I didnt get any first comment nat.. lost in cyberspace i reckon

Off load 6 - wow - good plan

will be going at about 11 - 11.30 ish

see how you go


Tesah said...

Lol I love stationery and back to school as well. Officeworks in my temple!