Sunday, 18 January 2009

a poem, a request and a sad story - Me Mudder

Remember that poem...

When me prayers were poorly said
who tucked me in me widdle bed
who spanked me til me butt was red
me mudder

in the morning when the lights would come
and in me crib me dribbled some
who wiped me tiny widdle bum
me mudder.....

oh dear - I just love remembering a time when i had a widdle bum.... memories...

So this ranty pist is all about me mudder

this morning bright and early we get a phone call from her bestie telling us she has been up for three nights with severe back pain

so me and bradzilla go in there to load her in an ambulance and cart her off to hospital

she was in high spirits, it had only been two nights without sleep and she had this weird thing, pain, burning thing shooting up to her back from her sciatica (spell??)

so - we rang GP Access and got her an appointment - long story short - her thinks she has shingles, or the early onset bit of shingles. So the poor thing, gets bundled home with a handful of panadeine forte and instructions to take a handful and try to get some sleep. Nothing can be done until the blisters do or do not come out. Poor bugger - she has ended up having an hour or so today - she has the most incredible pain threshhold that woman - if she is complaining, it must bloody cane!! Soooo - Healing Please !! Thank you.

Ok, so thats the poem and the sad story, now for the request.

The old bag (me mudder, and I call her old bag to her face) has got it into her head that she wants to learn how to use a computer.... oh crap (shuddering a lot)

I have an old computer here, it still works and is a bit slow - but should do the trick - i dont have a monitor. Does any of my local bloggy friends have an old monitor laying around that they want to give away/sell for very cheap?? Goddess help us when she gets it going, at least her friend who already has a computer has offered to teach her. I couldnt do it. I have nooo patience. I would probably belt her with the mouse cord or something, not really, but you know what i mean....

sooo - has been a big day for us here with all that hospital stuff going on. I was going to finish the house stuff but - didnt get a chance. Oh well, tis still there waiting for me...


going to read for a while now and go to bed.



Kathleen Botsford said...

Great blog! I will be back to visit this afternoon. Mom chores are calling! I loved the poem and I will keep your mother in my prayers. She sounds like a warrior. Thanks for visiting with me and the kind words. I can always use them!
P.S. If you don't believe in fairies, you will never have a chance of seeing them. I have seen two!!! I am still searching for my dragon. Maybe someday....

Faerie said...

Yes! I have a monitor ... coz I got a loverly new flat screeny the other week when my computer crashed!

Give me a ring ... if you want it! xx

Myst_72 said...

Oh poor Mum - shingles can be awful.
I hope she is feeling better soon.


Jen said...

Thanks guys - Nat jumped in with a text message this morning and has made an offer of a monitor... thanks heaps anyway Faerie, will call you soon regardless....