Monday, 12 January 2009

A challenge

I dont really know what came over me....

Lets just pretend that didnt happen  - ahem

I was obviously feeling nostalgic - and because it is the only photo I have with my dad... nuff said.

Time to move on peoples

now - who else is game enough to post an embarrasing photo of themselves??
C'mon - share the pain!!

ha ha



Cyndy said...

I think that's a gorgeous pic of you & your dad, Jen. I like the pot plants in the background that match your dress, too. That style of plant is back in, isn't it?

I can't upload or scan any pics in at the moment. Otherwise I'd certainly take you up on the challenge. I have quite a few appalling pics of moi....... the joys of being techno-dumb....

There's an empty cup near the keyboard.. already. ..grr....

Myst_72 said...

I'll have to find one - no wait they are mostly embarrasing!!


Anonymous said...

Ooooo, a challenge! You know me too well!

Unfortunately, as I amanonymising my blog.... hmmm.

Perhaps I will upload one and give everyone 24 hours then delete it! heehee.


Lisa said...

jen, every photo of me is embarrassing xx

Faerie said...

You have set the bench-mark Jen!

I will see what 70's inspired dagology I can find to match yours ... or even better supersede yours!

But, I was thinking about how special it was for you to have a treasured memory of your Dad ... and the thought came to me that in yor dress ... you are "tickled pink"

Faerie Blessings,

Jen said...

excuses, excuses lol

Myst_72 said...

O.K. All done!


Anchell said...


Natalie said...

Unfortunately, mine are with one of my parents. ( I hope) Otherwise they have been lost in one of my 30 odd house moves.

I have found some babyish aged ones only - not the bikini one I was telling you about.