Friday, 16 January 2009


Hi ho hi ho

off to work i did go

today i started work with a guy i worked for years ago. In his office, just doing the books and wages for a couple of hours each friday.

oh - how did i forget.

this is a workshop where no females work (cept for me now) - the toilet doesnt have a door on it. the sink is under three inches of grime. the kettle is um, im not sure if it is white or grey. my desk and everything on it was covered in a layer of greasy dust.

last time i started working for him it took me three days to get the kitchen and bathroom fit for me to use.  not bloody doing it again. will take a thermos and if i need to go to the loo, will go down to the club.

will definately be spraying and wiping the desk though. I went looking for some spray and wipe and a dishcloth, all i could find was an oily rag and home brand detergent.... it can wait til next week.

i 'might' fix up the kitchen bit - dont know. DEFINATELY not having anything to do with the loo.

was good though.

ha ha - within five minutes - boss man said really loudly "FUCK" after something went wrong. Cracked me up - aahhh feels like home - you dont hear that very often in school offices.

made me a bit worried though. obviously my standards are lower then i thought. Hmmmm

going to read now




jewell said...

don't worry about your standards slipping, i loved working as a printer with the "lads" it was so much easier than "girl" as you knew where you stood :-)

Faerie said...

Way cool! Congrats on getting a job ... sneaky chicky!

I'm sure the kitchen will get the better of you ... and you WILL have to clean it (and the loo) ... or else hit the boss up for danger money!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like working in a man's orifice is there Jen????w.w.

Cyndy said...

I can relate to this, Jen. I re-worked the odd male work environmnent, and they haven't complained one iota. It always amazes me that they can cope with the filth & mess... and the filth. Anyone would think that they were teenagers.....

Natalie said...

That is revolting!! eeeeuwww

Get a big water sprayer and make him clean his kettle and his loo AND his potty mouth. Hmph! xx

P.S. IS he still married to J.?

Jen said...

I said 'Standards' though it is probably the wrong word Helen - What I mean is more like... I try not to be a 'bogan' yet I truly am... Nat will know what I mean!!

And Faerie - yes - am already planning an assault on the kitchen. But the loo however - if i was there for more then a few hours a week i would definately do it - as it is only a couple of hours -stuff em - let em sit in their own crud.

Working with all men is much better then with all women - for sure and for certain. As long as they can cope when you outrank them.....

LOL Nat - water wont help. Its all grease. His potty mouth is probably not as bad as mine truth be told - and yes, he still is married to J - am yet to see her again though - it has been probably the life of my son since i have really seen them.