Thursday, 28 February 2008

My new cards

Working title. 'We are all mirrors' - oh yes, we so are.

This one is my last in my Elements series - can you guess....?
Yes, it is 'Air'. This one took a while, but now is done. Am happy now.
See you Saturday


Blue Momma said...

Very nice cards. I am SOOO not artistic. Not at all.

Consignment sales are where you leave your things and someone else sells them for you. They then keep a percentage of the sales price, you get the rest.

How much did I spend? Way too much. Let's just say it was less than $400.

Anonymous said...

I Love the mirror card - so deep. Keep up the great work.

Kathleen said...

I love both of them!

Your Mirror card is so interesting and intriguing and I love the peace radiating from your Air card too!