Monday, 4 February 2008


A lovely coolish, if maybe a bit humid day.

Some kind of bomb has obviously exploded in the hovel. There is crap absolutely EVERYWHERE. Not a room that isnt trashed. I think the maid has gone on strike, I might have to let her go altogether, she is hopeless.

Enthusiastically took the kidlets to school today, they will be there FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!! Yay. I felt kinda ripped off last week with the pathetic back to school for 2 and three days... not fair.

Had a lovely day at Soul Collage on Saturday. We made cards inspired by the elements. I found Fire and Water with relative ease... Earth came along reluctantly, and Air evaded me altogether so far. I have put it out there though, it will come. Here are my new cards



and Earth

I think Earth needs a little more work.... but still, am happy with them. Now if I could just get some Air..................... gasp

Gotta go and shower the body.

Have a lovely monday



LUCKY said...

Come to class baby!!!!!!!

Kathleen said...

Amazing cards Jen!

I love how the Fire card magickally transformed from the larger 2-page image!

and I like how the Earth card has transformed as well!

Come on, I'm waiting for Air now!
(Cheeky Fairy : - } )

Cyndy said...

You and I must have the same maid....

Rest assured, all kids seem to be the same; terrorist-types leaving carnage and destruction in their wake, without a care..... Even in her editorial in the month's "Better Homes and Gardens", Julia Zaetta laments the chaos caused by teenagers.... there is a feature this month on great rooms and storage hints for teens stuff, and she even comments that, great as the article is, she doesn't know how to get the kids to use it......