Friday, 22 February 2008

Its the weekend.....

SOMEHOW - I have managed to miss EVERY SINGLE THING at the cottage this week.

GRRRRR x lots

I miss you guys!!!

Here I am , almost packed and ready to leave for camping early in the morning. YAHOO. We are going to the Myall Lakes, I think it is called Shelly beach. Only accessible by boat.

Will try really hard and relax.

In other news. My doctor gave me three weeks supply of happy pills today. Will take the first one this evening. Will keep you posted.

Dream interpretation required.

I have my own ideas about this dream. If anyone has a clue, will be glad to hear it.

Will set the scene.

It is very dark. I am unafraid. I am walking home with a small child (not one that i recognise, indescriminate gender and about 2 years old). We are walking along bush tracks. I know the way and we are just going there. We come across some 'forestry workers' who tell us to halt. They tell us that they are 'burning up ahead' and we must go another way. I can indeed see a red glow of fire in the distance. Just as one of them goes to get us a map, a bush near us is starts to kinda spark. Blue sparks from the ends of the leaves. Then it starts to burn. Not hot or scary. Just gentle cleansing flames. I remember watching in fascination. I walked over to the lady with the map. She showed me on a crude map the way home and said i will be right if i stay to the south of the mountain, which i could clearly see on the map. I was a little concerned but we set off. I wake up.

Hmmmm - any thoughts??

anyhoo, gotta go and get some shut eye. Catch you next week.

Luv Jen


Anchell said...

Have fun Jen!

Happy pills take a few weeks to really kick in so persevere ok

you are a good girl!

Kathleen said...

A good dream for next Saturday!!!

Renata said...

Your guides are just that...your guides.You have been shown that you need to avert a "fire" or circumstance that could prove destructive by following the path that your guides are showing you.You are holding onto yourself in your dream, your inner child that you are trying to protect.Mmmmmmm.....very deep dream.