Wednesday, 20 February 2008



ANOTHER candle magic group that i havent been able to get to. Hubby worked late and got home at almost 8.20. SHIT. FARK.

hmmmm - am not happy... can you tell???

OH well, make lemonade from lemons. I will now be able to go tomorrow night. GOOD.

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments. I am making new insights daily. This is much good. yay.

More dolly steps.

all is well.

I had a LOVELY coffee with my friend Nat today. Well, a coffee that ended up lasting 3 hours. Most excellent. Lots and lots of catching up and filling in and information shared. Have I mentioned how lucky I am....???

going to get some beauty sleep.

hmmm, 11.11

dreams too!!! right Kathleen?



Lisa said...

we missed you today but happy to see you tonight...........
smooch xxx

Anchell said...

I am glad

I am also an absentee cottager

poo muchly


The Tall Red Head said...

Good Luck with your appointment today xxxxx

LUCKY said...

Sometimes shit can bring about the most amazing revelations.
Dig deep and what you will find will be - you. Dont be dissapointed.Accept what you see cause it is totally perfect!