Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Does anyone know what this crystal is?? I have scanned both sides of it...... I dont remember ever getting it but it fell out of a box of stuff that needs sorting yesterday. It feels very powerful and truthfully I am a little in awe of it.

In other stuff.....

I cant seem to find my strength.

I am a woman on the edge. It doesnt take much to tip me over.

I just dont know what to do to change things. I am thwarted and attacked no matter which way I go.

I feel an urgency to make changes because i fear for the future.

I used to be happy, confident and strong. Where did i go. Has just the constant battering worn away my confidence and strength. More importantly, how do i get it back.

I just want to crawl under a rock at the moment.

Wishing for an angel.......


Lisa said...

yes i know that crystal becasue i gave it to you-
it has some funny name- fairy or helen will know and yes, it is powerful, i gave it to you full of power last time you were dipping.

guess i am your angel sponge jen !

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry things are still so tough for you right now. I'm asking goddess to send some extra angels your way, so keep an eye out!
Luv Jac xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx