Monday, 25 February 2008

Saturday night sunset

Here is the view from our campsite at sunset on Saturday night. beautiful.

was very relaxing and actually lots of fun.

got a kid home from school today with a bit of sunstroke. nauseous and tired. he is improving though.

I have COPIOUS amounts of unpacking and washing now. how long did we go for again?? grrr

many hours have gone past since i started this pist. the boy is right as rain and arguing with me again. you always know that a kid is feeling better when it starts driving you nuts again.
very very tired
didnt sleep very well in the tent, and with copious vomit last night, not much sleep was had here either. going to hit the sack now.
have fun, will post more pickies another time.


Myst_72 said...

Oh that looks so nice......


Cyndy said...

That's a beeytootiful sunset, Jen.

I didn't have time to enjoy and commemorate the event, just realise that it had occurred.....

Kathleen said...

Gorgeous picture Jen!