Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Chiastolite Cross (Cross Stone)

Chakra: Base, 1st & Heart, 4th.
Ruling Planet: Saturn, but not as suited to astrological use as some other Saturn gems -

Chiastolite is a variety of andalusite, sharing those properties in addition to the ones below. Also known as the "cross stone" because of a natural cross pattern, produced by a darker axis and angles colouring. This is the key "signature" by which to understanding its valuable properties. The fact that this stone has had its uses so clearly indicated by those with even a preliminary knowledge of geometric and numeric qualities, is an indication of its importance.
Chiastolite is primarily a stone of balance, stability and harmony, as traditionally indicated by the cross. It can help with physical, mental, intellectual and emotional stability, enhancing problem solving and adapting to change. It can enhance spiritual awareness and inspiration, as well as astral travel and practical creativity.

Chiastolite is used for healing rheumatism, blood disorders, veins, blood circulation, balance of blood pressure (high or low), and lactation. It has a specific use in balancing all base chakra energies.

Found it... along with an angel... thanks Lisa - I am truly blessed

I honestly dont remember you giving this to me, I must have been in a bad place then too. It found me when I needed it again.

I think I will have to get our friend Deb to make a little pouch for it - then I can wear it all the time.

The properties listed above are EXACTLY what I need.

I am more then a little freaked out by this.

Thank you

am calmer now


Cyndy said...

Sometimes Jen, we need help from the dreaded healthcare professionals. If nothing else, they can help to even out the moods/feelings, aiding us to put in place the mechanisms that we need to cope. THEN we can really look at the source of our ills, and try to address them. Counselling, medication; they're just tools to help on the journey. Please don't let yourself get lost in this. Find Jen and hang onto her. We love her and want her back. ;'(

Lisa said...

if you trust the universe and the powers, they will always supply you with all you need.......
ofcourse it helps when you have an angel/witch on your side, which i am

Anchell said...

Jen my friend, as stupid and difficult as this may sound, you need to do a bit of homework on acceptance, rather than fight to change things all the time. I know this seems impossible to you but it is the only way to find peace in the chaos of other peoples stuff you are caught up in. Dont say "I know I know"....try to get to it. Try to find a way. Stop fighting it my friend, it is wearing you out....

love you

Anchell said...

The answers are not 'out there'..they are in YOU

you are strong and loyal and loving

be that for yourself for a change

Bee said...

bit behind i know, ha cool arse

Kathleen said...

Thankyou Jen,

I was wondering what crystal was calling me this morning!

Chiastolite is also called Andalusite ... it is cleansing - particularly the aura - comforting, protective and helps to retrieve ancient information.

From my "Book of Stones" an affirmation to use is "The Earth is my home in this lifetime, and it feels good to be here."


Lisa said...

morgs-o-square pants- i think youa re a dream interpreter supreme with olives and bbq sauce xxxxxxxx