Monday, 3 March 2008


It is monday again. I have been working on my new SoulCollage blog, and have managed to upload 4 cards so far. Will keep working on it as I now have about 17 cards. Lisa has created one too, which has an amazing number of cards uploaded - woo hoo, and Kathleen's is as inspiring as ever.

We had an awesome day at group on Saturday. Faerie-mess-with-your-head Mary led us on an amazing journey into a dream that we had to remember and bring along to group. The insights that were revealed, and the cards that turned up for the dream symbols were mind blowing. There was not even one time that any of us didnt drop our head to the table in amazement when each card was turned over. What a valuable process. I had previously thought that with only 15 or so cards it would be a while before I would be able to do any kind of 'reading' with them, I thought I would have to have many more cards in my deck. Not so. Far out brussels sprout.

Was led to this interesting quiz regarding beliefs and by doing the quiz it will 'tell' you what belief system you are most aligned with. I ended up with 100% Neopagan. Not a surprise, and Catholic was the bottom of my list - oh yes, I totally agree with that. Interesting - and some of the questions were food for thought as well. Bit of fun, even though I hate being boxed into anything - thinking myself as 'no fixed religion' as I do, kind of none but all.

Anyhoo, am going to get ready for Monday - kids at school and hubby at home with a day off. I have my appointment with Melinda this morning and then we are going to SJ's for lunch. Avoidance tactics of all housework will have to cease too, with a whirlwind dash due to happen five minutes ago... damn.

Have a nice day my friends.


Anonymous said...

soulcollage sounds very inspiring.Lucky.

Lisa said...

i love soulcollage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen said...

Me too!!!

... and I love "messing with people's heads" : )

I am glad that you gained a lot from the Dream process Jen!

Myst_72 said...

How are you going Jen?

I took the religion quiz....100% Neo-Pagan too.....the lowest on the list was Islam....interesting!


Cyndy said...

Hey Jen?????

Are you MIA?????

Hope things are ok xoxoxox