Saturday, 22 March 2008

Ha Ha

Anyone who would like a huge belly laugh, should read the comments in the post before this one. Good one 'Chelle!!!

Well, now its Farkin Saturday, and I have survived four teenagers in the house for a sleepover. Even the random boy that dropped in at 9.30 and stayed til i kicked him out at 11. Hmmm - the fun starts................... NOW.

Tomorrow we are supposed to go and visit my brother and his family at the caravan park at back passage where they are spending easter. Not looking good weather wise. Cant wait to spend the day sitting under a dripping tarp with annoying children (most of them mine) who are all on chocolate highs. Woo Hoo.................. not.

Well, best go.

I have a flyer to create.

A gift voucher to buy.

A swan to polish.

Coffee to drink.


as they are saying on Fox8 - may the easter bunny bring you lots of fancy chickens bum nuts tomorrow.



Jen said...

that rabbit looks like it has mixo!!

Anonymous said...

chickens bums nuts????

Jen said...

lol - easter eggs

Anchell said...


Kathleen said...

I love that term "chicken's bum nuts" Hehehehehehehe!

Anchell said...

you think i was joking??


pist already!