Monday, 10 March 2008


MIA?? you ask Cyndy. Well, technichally no. I have been uploading my cards onto my SoulCollage blog - and having a lovely time too i might add. But I thought I better pist on this one just so it didnt feel neglected.....

What a whirlwind few days it has been.

Friday night was shitty cause Brad didnt come home til late, 8.30ish, and I didnt even think of coming over and missing out on a cup of coffee like Renata. Oh well...

I wish i could have come, it looked like much fun.
Saturday was busy busy busy - running around like a fly of the blue arsed variety. Shopping, teaching my niece how to use PowerPoint (she is too scared to ask her teacher {grrrrr} as she was away that lesson), shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing. blah blah blah
I went out for dinner and a few drinks on Saturday night with my friends (yes Lisa, I do have them) Lea and Rhonda. I think I have mentioned this before but I started Kinder with these awesome ladies and we still get together regularly. Love them. Love going out with them. My sides ached from laughing. Very very schmick. Got home very late though... not good....
Yesterday my nephew came over with his three kids for a BBQ lunch - nice. Hubby had a 'stitch' after lunch and I told him to drink more water. All went well, everyone quiet and in bed. Me up here late playing my new obsession Scramble on facebook. Next thing he comes charging out, white as a sheet with massive pain in his side. (well, massive for a male anyway but we wont go there). Rolling around in agony. So we wakes up eldest daughter and tell her I am taking him to hospital, dropping him off and be back soon - listen for your brother.
Came home - too agitated to sleep. 1.30am I rang and they hadnt even seen him yet. I went to bed and didnt really sleep - got up at 5. I rang again and it turns out he is growing his own rock garden in his kidney. Silly boy.
Am waiting here now to hear what happens next. I am not going up until I know if i will have to take clothes etc.
Hmmmm a bit of time has passed and he still hasnt got back to me. I might pack a bag and go up anyway. Yay - parking at the John. Should be lots of fun - will take my chequebook.
Anyhoo - better go and see how the poor dear is, and what they are going to do about it.
I dont know much about these things.
I am sure to find out soon though.
Have fun


Kathleen said...

Please let us know what's happening with him.

Mark had a kidney stone last year, he was lucky to pass it while he stayed in the ER ... lots of morphine to dull the pain too.

LUCKY said...

Gotta love those kidney stones, I bet his life has been flashing before his is said to be mighty painful.