Saturday, 15 March 2008


shit day

got the shits with EVERYBODY

grrrr grrr grrrrr

sorry.................... am ranting and raving and snoffing. had a gutful of everyone. over the kids. over the teenagers. over the men. over everyone. over mothers. over brothers. over nephews. over sister in laws. I AM OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm...... is that clear.............. or a bit overboard do you think??

Darling daughter is 13 tomorrow. I just CANT WAIT to have another teenage girl in the house.... even though the little darling has been ACTING like a teenager for the last eighteen months. grrr

remembered this evening that i forgot to buy wrapping paper. looks like she is having birthday presents wrapped in xmas paper. she thinks it is hilarious. good think that. otherwise she would have been building a bridge.

oh dear

mrs cynicism am i.

the knights have purple socks. what is the go with that.

I had a lovely lunch yesterday with King Larry and the Goddesses of the Round Table. Most Excellent. You should have come..... really......

Looking forward to soul collage. had a meeting with 'my' astrologer yesterday. she is amazed at my cards. she thinks kathleen is amazing to have dragged that out of me. well done kathleen.

sorry - cant be bothered with the shift key. deal with it or move on.

i had better go. i have just written a bad disjointed pist. no humour. just bitterness. sorry. its not your fault. sad now

knights won - yay - who cares really.

going now






Kathleen said...

I am starting to feel better already ... hope you are too!

We ARE pretty amazing ; )

Jewell said...

my thinks that you always had this in you to be truelly just needed to see it in black/white..or any colour..

hmm must try to get to soul collage myself one of these days

Lisa said...

life can be a bitch