Friday, 1 September 2006

Magical mystery tour

I am sooooo excited!!! I am catching the train to Sydney in the morning to meet my very dear friend Cindy (you try saying Cindy and Sydney in the same sentence!! not as easy as it looks)
I have packed all the essentials - socks and undies, change of clothes, jarmies, toiletries (dont forget your toothbrush), my favourite coffee and sugar (none of those horrendous individually packaged Nescafe for me), puzzle book (for the train trip - i am addicted to kakuro and addoku puzzles) A5 sketch pad and assorted pencils (in case inspiration overtakes me) {speaking of sketches - did those symbols i drew for you on sunday night make any sense - 'chells darlin'??} - packed it all in a leftover backpack from my kids from a couple of years ago..... everything fitted just perfectly, went to do up the zip................ of course.......... the zip is stuffed. ok - everything back out - into another slightly smaller backpack (also surplus - i am too scared to take my daughters Roxy backpack in case i get mugged). You guessed it - nothing fits quite as well - i am spewin'. Oh well - if that is my biggest problem........
We are meeting at central station at about 11 am, will go and dump our bags at where we are staying ( a backpackers hostel in Newtown) and head back to Chinatown and Paddys markets. Woo Hoo - cant wait!!!!!
We plan on going to the Rocks markets on sunday morning before catching a midday train home .........
AAAAhhhhhhh - I can already feel the peace - no kids - no worries - bliss
A really good chance to chill right out - just exactly what i need.
i will let you know how it turns out......
gonna hit the sack
luv jen

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Anchell said...

Bout bloody time you got here. You write just like you cute. Hope you have a wonderful time and spend lots of money and buy me a present and and and