Friday, 25 August 2006

oh god i stuffed it
now the stuff that is supposed to be at the side is down the bottom - too much inexperienced stuffing around with html i think.................. well, ok, i know.
dunno how to get it back now
will keep trying
if i cant fix it i might just delete this whole thing and start again


Anchell said...

heehee. Im lovin someone else stuffing it up....I had links in very strange places....
have fun

Rylah said...

Welcome to blogging, you're doing great. I found you through Anchell's blog links, my blog is
Just a pointer for the HTML - Don't edit anything that looks like this:

etc, etc, etc.

You can edit what is in between the quote marks " and " (this is usually a web address, which is where you want your link to go to), and you can edit what is in between > and < (this is the text that will appear on your blog, so what you want the link to say, what people actually click on). Don't worry it took me ages too!
Hope this helps!
Blessed be,
Jacqui xXx

rainbowspirit said...

Thanks heaps jacqui - i will try to remember that. I ended up changing my template to another one then back to this one and everything went back to where it was supposed to be. I lost all my links etc but i can put them back again.
I tried adding links to other blogs, that is where i came into trouble. I will have to be more careful where i put them this time.
P.S. - you kitty kat looks just like mine
luv jen