Monday, 18 September 2006


I thought i would share this information about the new moon in virgo that is happening this friday. These issues affect everyone, not just people born under the sign of Virgo. (Although Virgo's will be affected to a higher degree)

September 22: Solar eclipse in Virgo!

It's time to get out the broom, the vacuum and the dust mop! This is the second new Moon in Virgo; the first was on August 23 and occurred at 0 degrees of Virgo. This second one takes place at 29 degrees, and this one is a big deal since it's also a solar eclipse, which is like an extra intense new Moon. New Moons are a time of new beginnings, and this second one in Virgo is emphasizing the necessity of getting organized and getting your act together. So, ask yourself: Are you running your schedule or is your schedule running you? It is time to get down to the basics of how you are taking care of yourself, how you are getting things done.

Solar eclipses occur at the north or south lunar node with the north node representing the future and the south node, the past. Since this eclipse occurs at the south node, it is clean-up time. It is time to take care of those things you've been meaning to get to that need your attention. Pay special attention to the issue of overwork, which can cause repetitive injuries and stress-related illnesses. What a great time to get an exercise program together and to eat healthfully! Since powerful Pluto squares this new Moon, you'll want to let go of the plans and projects that are clearly putting way too much on your plate.

You can expect that whatever emerges or is brought to a head on the full moon will become a feature catalyst for a budding new cycle/new direction. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, so watch for useful information, new leads, new job potentials, healing modalities or products and new inventions. At the time of the new moon solar eclipse, Mercury will be trine Neptune. Positively, this influence can provide wonderful creative inspiration and open the heart, to other(s) or to the spiritual side of life. Or it can be one of loss, confusion, deception, self delusion, vulnerability (health or relationship wise, circumstantially, financially). Mercury and Neptune in trine can easily spread cold and flu viruses. Proceed with caution re: financial affairs; back up your computer, guard your health, your valuables, your secrets and your privacy (make sure you know who you are confiding in, test equipment and vehicles regularly. Solar eclipses often portend the birth or death of royalty or personages of note; a prominent spiritual figure may deliver a message, or someone famous may make headline news. With the sign of Virgo so emphasized re: the solar eclipse, there now comes a special opportunity to learn, whether you sign up for something formally, or choose to let the school of life provide you with upgraded training.

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