Friday, 8 September 2006

slow down the world.... i want to get off

Hi there
I got called into work today - a day i wasnt expecting. I had a load of stuff planned and now none of it has been done (I am not thinking about the pay packet right now although i am sure it will be more attractive next week). Tomorrow my daughter (the challenge child) has her ballet/jazz concert all day dress rehearsal. before i go to bed tonight, if i ever get to bed, i need to adjust three costumes, make some muffins, type a note............ oh damn... gotta get started..... brb

Phew, back again. ok, have made muffins, adjusted the costumes (sewing is definately not my forte!!!) Well i obviously inherited some gene that says 'do not do today what you can put off til tomorrow'. We have had these costumes for at least a month. They had to be adjusted before the dress rehearsal which is 9am tomorrow morning. Hmmm - they are done now. Well what if she grew or something..... then i would have had to adjust them again!!! (just let me hang onto that, makes me feel better!) Still have to type the note........................

Can i just make note of that beautiful full moon. Wow. I am only disappointed that my mind was on sewing etc, not photography. The view from my front door is across Shortland wetlands from Maryland to Shortland. The recent rain has filled it up and there is a lot of water laying in the wetlands. The moon came up and was reflecting in all that water. It was magical. Tomorrow night i will get out the tripod and try to get a good picture then post it for you to see. Isnt mother nature amazing!!!

Oh well - better go and type this note for rehearsal tomorrow asking for all to put in to buy flowers for the dance teacher. Havent had a chance to check out everyone's posts either.

Ahhh - who needs sleep....

bye for now

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Anchell said...

Shut up!! You are making me tired-er. Superwoman in action.....