Sunday, 10 September 2006

Its not cat weather........

How wet is it??? My cat (Bilbo) keeps banging on the door to go outside, stays out there for 10 minutes or less then bangs on the door to come back in. I keep telling him its not cat weather but he never listens to me... walks to the beat of his own drum that kitty.
I have had no water pressure all day, apparently there is a burst main in Wallsend somewhere.... there is something truly bizarre about having no water pressure with rain flogging down on your roof!!! Am hanging for a shower.
Have spent all day doing nothing except sit on this computer, scrolling around looking for interesting information. Found an excellent astrology site - lots of really great stuff - learned lots. Happy me. Am re-formatting my daughters computer! Gotta luv it - takes forever.

Well it is many hours later and i havent finished this post. Rain has stopped (moon still hasnt risen) kids are fed, i have had a shower (phew), we have normal water supply so got a couple of loads of washing done. A few days ago we had puddles in the wetlands - yesterday we had a pond - today we have a freaking lake!!! If i had any intentions of selling this house we would do it now! Water views, add tens of thousands to the value!!! And where are you mother moon???? Come on, show your beautiful face. I want a pickie!!!
Re-formatted computer - sound doesnt work - cannot find motherboard drivers on the net. I am really spewin that i even know what i am talking about - must be a computer head - is that positive??? I dont think so.....



Anchell said...

Talent. Its a talent. Not computer nerdy head stuff, Talent. Those of us less technically blessed would like some more of it.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, Oh Computer-Headed One!

Your's in techno-envy, Cyndy xo