Sunday, 17 September 2006


Phew - what a few days it has been... here is a brief(ish) run down.

Thursday 14th - Got up and went to work as usual. 2nd last day of my current 6 week relief stint. Am loving working there but am really looking forward to some 'me' time.... Come home from work and make a phone call to my astrological guru and have an indepth discussion about Astrology and Anchell's blocked Uranus (will talk to you soon about it 'chell, have a bit more info). During this phone call the phone gets up the crackles, which proceed to get louder and louder until we have to hang up as we cant hear each other. Crackles stay on the line and block it for the next hour, after which the phone is dead as a doornail!!!!!! Aaaggghhhh. I can't cope with not having a phone. Ring special friend who phones telstra for me and reports the fault. (Telstra is the one company i would like to send a letter bomb to, so have no faith that the problem will be fixed any time soon).

Friday 15th - Run around all day getting ready for the big dance studio concert of my middle child (the freak of nature). Telstra texted me (sorry Telstra for saying i hate you) telling me the line is fine but my equipment is faulty (hmmmm - of course it had to be MY fault). Come home and test, yep line working - YAY. Head off at 4.15 for the civic theatre with various children and costumes. Drop kids off and go up to darby st for dinner and latte's and wait for the show to begin. Concert going wonderfully until the freak of nature's last dance (which i knew was her favourite) and she doesnt appear. I start to get stressed and churny in the belly.... hmm - if she doesnt come out for the finale in 3 numbers time i am going to find her (thought maybe the flibberty gibbert had forgotten the costume). Finale comes out and she is still missing. I try to find backstage. Have you ever tried to find backstage at the civic theatre - lots of corridors and dead ends but i finally found her. Had a major nosebleed on the way out for her final number and was sitting there covered in blood, in floods of tears, absolutely broken hearted. Poor baby. We arrive home at about 12.30pm.

Saturday 16th. My mum's birthday. We slept in a bit after the late night. I rang mum and wished her a happy birthday and she was miffed because she was supposed to be going out for lunch with her friend and her friend postponed. So she would be sitting all alone all day on her birthday. So I packed up the kids. Made a screaming trip to Jesmond for gift vouchers, flowers, groceries, cake and lunch and we went in and spent a few hours with her. Cheered her up no end. Came home about 3.30pm and straight to the kitchen to cook the dishes i had to take to my gorgous niece's 18th birthday party. Partied with her and all her hilarious friends until 12.30am. Another late night.

Sunday 17th - Hubby's mum's birthday. Try and do some housework then head off to my brothers house for gourmet lunch for the two mums birthdays. Ate lots of food and cheesecake shop fruit flan (highly recommended), came home after the kids got into a water fight and were saturated from head to toe.

So here i am.... Very tired. Only just now had a chance to plug in the internet cord again after having it all unplugged for the testing the other day. Happy to find an invitation to join the Blue Star Children yahoo group among the 48 emails that came through after a few days off line. (Plus one from Anchell who is sick of my 'bloody' swans) .

So there you have it - I think i am addicted to blogging and blogs as i must of thought about it a hundred times over the last few days. I MISSED YOU GUYS....


Romy said...

You are a busy girl

rainbowspirit said...

the understatement of the century!!! I have both feet on the brakes right now - things WILL (are already) slow down this week.

Anchell said... you survived all that....

Cyndy said...

I am so sorry about your baby's concert; all the work to get to that point, and then she missed out!
September is a popular birthday month. Both my nanna and my mum-in-law have a birthday on the sixteenth, and one of my closest friends celebrates hers on the seventeenth. Then there's three more on the twentieth, my nephew's on the twentisixth, as well as Prue's, my youngest, and my brand new niece on the first. Mum have been all those pre-Christmas parties.