Friday, 22 September 2006

Things i am grateful for.....

1. Small boys who are strong and robust enough to throw up every 20 mins for 7 hours straight and survive.

2. A supermarket within 2 mins drive for supplies of lemonade, apple juice, Glen 20, Pine 0 Clean, disinfecting handwash, jatz biscuits etc.

3. Understanding friends who support and endure a teary, sleep deprived worried mother blubbering on the end of the phone about a boy who lies around limp for 3 days.

4. Ditto for an understanding doctor.

5. That he has obviously never learned to share, as no-one else in the household has caught it (touch wood)

6. Disinfectant.

7. A good reliable washing machine that is happy to work double shifts if necessary for no extra pay.

8. Caring big sisters who love and worry about their normally annoyingly active little bro'.

9. Blogs to read to take my mind off things.

10. Faith.

11. Pharmacists to relieve me of any excess cash i may have had...

12. Napisan.

13. Sleep.

14. Vegemite on toast.

Egan looked at me when he was halfway through the delirium of this illness and said "I am not from here mum". I said "is that right mate - so where are you from?" - he just looked at me straight in the eye and said very solemnly "somewhere else - just not here".... hmmmm

All through this ordeal i have had the feeling that i have been there before with him. When he was so sick i thought he might die, my first thought was "oh no, not again, i cant lose you again". Odd. That thought never left me and i felt some kind of relief that i had 'passed a test' when i nursed him through this and he is now obviously on the road to recovery.

Any thoughts ???


Severina said...

Oh dear sister, my heart goes out to you xxxxx

Anchell said...

Yep, all gone now.