Sunday, 5 April 2009

Photo's... finally

This is the Motel we stayed at, right on the top floor.. great views, great service, great people, great price. Recommended for sure.
Here is the room we stayed in - two queen sized beds and they made up the sofa that Egan is sitting on so we could all fit. The robes and slippers (of which there was only two sets) were straight on the girls. 
This is the view northish. (not so good with directions). The clock tower is on Central Station.
We went for a walk to Darling Harbout area on the first afternoon. 
Here is a shot of the outside of the Chinese Gardens of Friendship. It was closed when we got there, but it is even very beautiful from the outside. This is in the heart of Sydney and very pretty.
We stopped for tea and sat outside finishing our drinks (and to text message someone)

The view from where we were sitting across Darling Harbour
Back to our room and here is the view southish. 
On the way to Taronga Zoo across Sydney Harbour Bridge. It doesnt matter how many times I go over this bridge, it is still pretty special. Then again, we are kinda 'small town hicks' and dont get out much!!!
 Then to the zoo
 Egan with his head in some photo opportunity ears of some kind. 
Meer Cats are always a hit. Soooo cute
Fairy penguins are cute too - this was from a tunnel under where they were playing. 
This is an ampitheatre thing into the seal tank. No seals were evident but I love this picture anyway. Egan is the one seated on the floor in the middle. 
Another photo opportunity hippo thingy. Strike a pose everyone.
In the Thai area there was this offering shrine. This is sooo beautiful and I want one for myself. 
 This tiger was pacing back and forth looking at us hungrily. Quite scary. Glad of the thick glass between us. 
This was a window grill entering a bird aviary. Very beautiful and I want some of these too.
 We got to the bottom and caught a cable car back up to the top. My legs were absolutely killing me by this time. Anyone who knows me would not believe that I went on this thing. This photo is proof. Was absolutely shitting myself the whole time and freaking out when the kids were trying to rock it on purpose. Aggghhhh. Was sooooo glad it only lasted a couple of minutes.

This is just a very small sample of the pictures I took in Sydney last weekend. In total, I took probably 500 odd photos while we were down there. Unfortunately I didnt get any of the crowds on the streets but I was too scared to pull my camera out. It was quite angry and intense and we had already been screamed at for 'staring' at one psycho (we werent!!) and thought the camera might bring more weirdo's out of hiding.


jewell said...

oh i so know hwat you mean re the cable cars...not liie them either....

love the tiger....

Anonymous said...

Very very good phots Jen , you are sooo talented . Miss you Vicki xxx

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful pictures - makes me want to go there! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great photos...w.w.

Dragonesque said...

What wonderful photos!
Looks like y'all had a ball ☺

Lola said...

Lovely photos and great vacation. Enjoy...

janis said...

Wonderful shots! I love Egan w/ the huge ears! The Tiger's tongue is sticking out, very cute. My girls would have so claimed the robes too. Looks like a great time! Sydney is lovely! I had an exchange student stay with me from Sydney in high school. She only stayed with us for 3 nights. It was a student council thing & she actually was staying with a host family from another school. ANYWAY~ great trip photos!

Natalie said...

Great shots. LOVE Sydney.xx♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen
Read your last post and I thought what a great idea to print out your comments to fall back on in times of need. I don't blog but lerrvve reading others and getting inspiration. Don't forget...toughen thyself!!!!lol Kids think it's all a bloody game and you're the target..
Keep well and happy.