Saturday, 18 April 2009

Astrology news

Hi there friends... Astrology. One of my passions. I am an 'armchair astrologer' and find it incredibly fascinating. I receive the Edgar J Winter Astrology Newsletter into my Inbox every week. Sometimes it has really good stuff and I love to share it with you. I can totally relate to todays email, and here it is -
Star-loving Fellow Travellers I pass this one onto my readers:-

Our beloved Venus is coming to the end of her very strong retrograde phase in Aries (and squaring the Black Moon and Pluto while she was about it).  Have you noticed yourself feeling a bit more aggressive, direct, forthright and argumentative lately?  Blame it all on Venus! Yes, she’s the Goddess of Love but in Retrograde in Aries, her love may take the form of some clean anger to clarify issues in relationship and clear the decks.

The time of her return to direct motion is 5.30am this Sunday and if you pay attention, you’ll notice the shift of energy that day. Usually when a planet goes direct after a period in retrograde motion, there is a distinct feeling of release and relief as things that have been troublesome and stuck start clearing and moving forwards again. …

But just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Mars comes in to stir things up a little more and add some excitement to our life. Here’s how it looks over the next few weeks:

April 15:  Mars conjunct Uranus 24 Pisces
April 18:  Venus Direct 29 Pisces
April 22:  Venus conjunct Mars 29 Pisces
April 23:  Mars into Aries
April 24:  Venus back into Aries again
April 27:  Mars in Aries square Pluto
May 3:     Venus in Aries square Pluto
And then…..
May 24:  Jupiter conjunct Chiron 26 Aquarius
May 28:  Jupiter conjunct Neptune 26 Aquarius

So relationship dynamics will continue to be passionate and forthright. Its helpful to be very aware of your anger and frustration and make sure you have healthy clean daily outlets for its expression – long vigorous walks, visits to the gym, mountain climbing, long-distance swimming, marathon cycling, lots of sex etc. By all means speak your mind (it’ll be difficult not to), but know that there may be consequences.

On a positive note, remember that this is just energy moving – it’s neither good nor bad in itself. It’s just life expressing itself through you, so no point in trying to stop it. To block and control this energy will likely result in migraines, accidents and physical injury. So express yourself in the most simple, clear and honest way you can without causing too much hurt and damage, and dance, laugh and dance some more.

Energy like this has a purpose and with Mars and Aries, it’s a call to courage and action. Enjoy.


Glain said...

Very interesting indeed.
I probably get too much astrology related emails each week already, but where do you get this email/info from?

Anonymous said...

WOW! I have only ever dabbled in astrology - I am interested in it, but unitl now, only from a "daily horoscope" standpoint. Your post is really quite intriguing to me (thought I do not understand the "retrogrades", etc). But it reminds me that the magnetic fields of the moon can be most intense and have an effect on us. I found the last part interesting about how migraines can be the result of resisting the energy.

Jen, you have inspired me. I want to learn more about this. Thanks for a very interesting read!

Michelle said...

'long vigorous walks, visits to the gym, mountain climbing, long-distance swimming, marathon cycling, lots of sex etc.'


I am sooo there!



Vevay Anderson said...

Come on 5:30 AM Sunday! I need an energy shift!

Jen said...

My obsession at the moment is information on the North Node. If you know your North Node point, it gives an indication of what you came into this life to learn, and where you are meant to be heading in this life.

Daya - the email is from Edgar J Winter. His website is
Down the bottom of the page is where you sign up for the weekly newsletter. It has lots and lots of good stuff in it re transits and where the planets are now and how they affect us.

jewell said...

wow interesting stuff...may explain how LG is so calm this morning

Natalie said...

Tastic,Jen! Yes deed.xx♥

Suzanne said...

I love astrology. That was great, as too is your picture of your children. It is just beautiful!