Friday, 24 April 2009


Awww. Friday

A Meme

Thanks Natsy

Too too busy to think about that right now. It is late late and have worked today. Am tired sigh.

Spent today trying (sucessfully) to reconcile August last year. One frikken month peoples. four and a half hours. aaagggghhhhhhh. Was banging my head on my desk and demanding a raise or a transfer (only one office). I didnt get the transfer or the raise. Will have to increase demands next week. Sigh. What a day.

A Meme.


I like Meme's. I have not got time to think about it now though, it is 11.18pm. Will do it tomorrow. Promise. Love Meme's. Will do it.

Chatted to my elder bro this evening. Who seperated from his wife a long time ago. Wondering was he at what age gap is acceptable to someone who is in his fifties (56). How young is acceptable by society. 40?? 45?? I dont know. I said 40 would probably be ok. There was 21 years between my mum and dad. He passed over while she was only 47 though, and she has spent the past 24 years alone.... What are your thoughts, am interested in hearing.

Tired now


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Myst_72 said...

I think the heart knows no age....but as far as society goes I'm not sure :)

I do have a friend who is 51 and was with a 34 year old - but they had children of similar ages (he had his later in life). The family was more the issue over the age gap than people in general.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think the age thing depends on the two people involved. The Evil Twin and I are 10 years apart (he's older). And that works for us. So, i would just tell him to be open to meeting lots of people and worrying about their ages later. :-)

Natalie said...

Look, as far as I am concerned, age difference is only ever really about how well the couple relates. If there is too big of a gap, I have noticed generational incompatibility. He is old and tired and doesn't want to go out so much - she is still vibrant and wants to. If they are compatible - who cares?
I say GO FOR IT!!!!!!

Vevay Anderson said...

This is a difficult question. I think it depends on the people involved. I am thirty and have decided 30-40 would be an acceptable age range for me.