Friday, 17 April 2009

Is it Friday already????

Oh wow. I dont know where this week has gone.

I was wandering around this morning, in my jarmies, tidying up and wiping things over when my mobile rang. It was my Friday boss, (who has been a friend of mine for 20 odd years and is very casual, thank the Goddess). He said, "are you coming in today???". AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH. Gulp. "What day is it??" I say. "Friday, all day". OMG. Here it was, Friday, I was meant to go to work. And I TOTALLY forgot. Lucky he is casual. Lucky he is my friend. He told all the boys though. and they ripped me off all day.


And there went a day of peace. A day of peace that I had planned all week. I am not used to going to work in school holidays, that is all. I was completely caught unawares.

Never mind. It is over now. I did the day. AND I managed to leap a major hurdle re the computer bookkeeping program that he uses that I have had to teach myself. Yay. All good. Sigh of relief.

In other news

Yesterday was my boys ninth birthday. We had a nice day. He had the last day of his soccer clinic yesterday. Excellent. A day with friends and I didnt have to organise a thing. We went to MacDonalds for dinner. Along with Nanna. All good. Fun and laughter. Most excellent mum and kids bonding time.

Here are some pictures of my boy so far.... gorgeous huh?
He is a beautiful boy. He tests my resolve on occasion. And is as stubbornly headstrong as any Aries. But he is gorgeous and loving and he will still climb into my lap for a snuggle. 
I am blessed, totally. 
Ok - will go and read for a while before hitting the sack. 
Love to you all. 
I love you guys. I am feeling so blessed and lucky to have such a worldwide group of friends. Friends that are so inspirational and clever and supportive. Friends who are facing their own challenges yet still find the time to connect with me. Blessed I am. 
I am blessed in so many ways. 


Hippy Witch said...

awwww, how cute, they should stay like that

Natalie said...

Oh, yes. Big smile. I remember when that cute little face was on the other side of a mucous plug.xx♥

Bee said...

happy birthday eagan,,,

Linda S. Socha said...

CUTE CUTE child. Love the expressions. What a beautiful energetic boy. You are blessed girl

Anonymous said...

OMG Jen - he is GORGEOUS! I am particularly fond of the rock star pic - the one with him holding the "electric guitar!" What a dollface!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday to him - and you! :-) I love April babies (I'm one myself, so a bit biased - LOL).

Michelle said...

Growing up!

Cyndy said...

A gorgeous boy indeed, Jen! I love it when they will still climb aboard for a cuddle. Vboy still does it sometimes, but at 86kg, it can be a bit overwhelming. But is it such a lovely feeling when your babies grow so big that they can wrap themselves around you and you disappear into them... you can feel the love.
Just like this post, Jen. You can feel the love.

And re the missing Friday bit: there was a public holiday Monday, so everyone was a day out, not just you ;0)

jewell said...

love the one with the missing tooth..very cute

Suzanne said...

They grow up so fast don't they! Happy Birthday x x x

janis said...

Happy Birthday to your little Heart Breaker! They grow soooo fast. Handsome guy.