Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Letter Game

Thank you to Natalie for giving me a letter in the Letter Game. My letter is the letter

If you would like to play, you have to list ten things that matter to you, starting with a letter that will be allocated to you. Leave me a comment if you want to play and I will allocate you a letter. 
Ok - here are my ten things that start with the letter L
  1. LOVE - First and foremost has to be the word LOVE. The word Love would have to be one of the most over used and under respected words in the English language. We use the same word to describe the massively engulfing feeling we have for our child, as the lustful feelings we have with our partner as our feelings for hair care products (I love that shampoo!!!) etc. I have been led to believe that some cultures have many different words that reflect the different types of love.  Unconditional Love, which is the kind of love we are all apparently striving for - is easier said then done most often..... Humans cannot help but to attach their own wants and needs onto especially the things that the feel the most strongly about. Possibly the only true form of unconditional love most of us are capable of is the love we have for our child or treasured pet.  Self love - there is another hard one. One that I struggle with regularly. Self love is so often reliant on the flawed opinions of others - and too, the others in our lives are often so busy with their own stuff that they do not think of boosting our self love coffers.... Love - its so much more then a word - it is a complex concept. Phew......
  2.  LESLIE John - My dad. My dad, Leslie John passed from this world in November 1985. I was 20 years old and had only just started to get a handle on life. Prior to that I had been a most normal teenager with all the rebelliousness expected of such. So Dad slips from the mortal coil before I had a chance to really get to know him. I really regret that... a lot. Over the  years I have been given quite a number of messages and signs from him. Most notably when I was pregnant with Egan, around 9 years ago. During the pregnancy, whilst I was driving anywhere at night, street lights would go out. (Nat can attest to this). I would drive 5 kilometers and 6 or 7 street lights flick off as I drove under them. We used to joke that Newcastle would be in darkness by the time this kid was born!!! On the night that I was driven to hospital whilst in labour with him the huge roundabout lights near our house went off, then at least a dozen driving the four kilometers to hospital, then we parked in the carpark and the light we were under went off, then as we walked through the doors to hospital the whole hospital lights flickered off then on again. Wow - was blown away by that. Most recently was this very evening. I was standing looking into the darkened lounge room (talking to Nat on the phone) when from behind me, so I was silouetted in it, a hugely bright light flashed on, then off. I was alone in the house at the time and there is no possible way it was a physical light. Incredible... Love ya dad!!!! Miss you heaps
  3. LAUGHTER is the best medicine. I have been blessed with the ability to make people laugh. Sometimes I admit I get a little silly, but its all in the name of fun. I think that Laughter is one of the best levellers, healers and ice breakers there is. The ability to laugh, particuarly at oneself, is a priceless commodity to own. LOL - the most recognisable acronym of net speak. Laugh Out Loud. Even my mother knows what it means. It doesnt really bother me, except when someone actually says the word lol (pronounced 'loll') aloud. THAT is quite sad really... JUST LAUGH!!! When was the last time you had a really big belly laugh. When was the last time you laughed until you ached. Until you couldnt speak and tears were streaming down your face. Brings a smile just thinking about it doesnt it?? So I think we should always seek out those that make us happy - and in particular, those that make us laugh... ok, so when are you coming around??? Kidding folks, kidding....
  4. LIBRARY - Oh the library is one of my favourite places on earth.....the books... the quiet... the order.... the books..... the choice.... the books..... the books OMG the books. I love the library.... (there is another misuse of the word LOVE!!) 
  5. LISA - Of course Lisa you would have to make an appearance into a list of things that are important to me starting with the letter L. I want to thank you for being an incredible teacher, friend, mentor, blogger...... I have found you to be an inspiration to me, ever since I started blogging. Thank you for bringing out the Goddess in me - keep up the good work!!! 
  6. LAUNDRY - Oh yes the Laundry. The room in my house that I seem to spend the most time... ( except the kitchen of course ). My laundry is drab and boring and one of the two rooms that has not been re-decorated since I moved here..... I want to do it sparkling white with splashes of clear glassy blue and green. Mmmmmm
  7. LEARNING - This word should probably be higher on this list for the level of importance I place upon it. I feel that this is the purpose of our lives. Our reason for being. Learning to live in the 3d, to love and relate to our fellow man. Learning and navigating the effects of Karma. Learning the lessons we came here to learn. I believe we each came in with a list of things we needed to learn. WE  chose the families that best fitted our pattern and list. We then proceeded (and are still proceeding) to live our lives as best we can, learning from the situations we come up against on a daily basis. Thats the simple version anyway....
  8. LISTENING - I am a people watcher. I am a people listener. I love to listen to snippets of conversations as I pass by. I often play a little game by myself - when I am walking along in public, I play my own version of Lisa's Seed Guidance - but instead of words on a page in a book  - I get my messages from the words of people passing by. This can be very revealing and heaps of fun. Seriously though, listening, truly listening, can be a difficult thing to find in a person. I try very hard to remember to listen well. Often I find myself talking to someone - and you can see on their faces that they are not in the room. (maybe I am boring - lol). I believe that the art of listening extends to listening to what people 'arent' saying as well as what they 'are'. It pays to 'listen' to body language also to fully hear a person. So, I guess there is soooo much more to Listening then just plain hearing.....
  9. LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. I probably shouldnt complete this list without mentioning tattoos. My eldest, Airlie, has LIVE LAUGH LOVE tattooed on her lower back. It is very beautiful and is accompanied by a beautiful blue butterfly. I have the chinese symbol for LOVE along with three butterflies (representing my kids) over my heart. 
  10. LUNGS - weird I know. But for the first time in tooooo many years, my lungs are free of toxic chemicals, and have been  for almost 6 months. Without even ONE twinge of craving... how bizzarre is that. Tooo easy. Agghhh - breathing... in out in out... bliss.... 

Wow - that kinda went on forever didnt  it. Hope you dont have deep vein thrombosis or something from sitting for so long.....

Thank you for LISTENING, I have LOVED making this LIST!!! LOL

Remember, if you want to play, just leave me a comment requesting a letter and I will zip over and leave you one!!



Natalie said...

AND, I was there when she went into labour and she nearly punched MY lights out!!!

But seriously folks, what a great list, LOVE!
Well thought out and very enjoyable!

Of course I will back up your ghost stories.....
And your fishing tales and your hot dates etc...LOL

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE a letter... LOL ;)

I like your take on the seed guidance, I'll have to try that one. It sounds interesting.

Lots of good words, Jen. :)

Michelle said...

Wow jen!

A Long List of Luscious Life Loquacity Lovely Lady...


Better give me a letter then