Thursday, 26 February 2009



I have one too!!!

This is sooooooo cool.

coveting is fun.


Another big day today. Life is totally MANIC lately. All I seem to be doing is running around after someone or working. Today i had the most coolest computer guru over to fix my computers. We were all SLOW AS A WET WEEK here and it was driving me nuts!!!

Snigger ( i WAS tempted to put a picture  of the other kind of nuts here ... ha ha, lucky you)

Soooo, my computer is running at the expected speed now (phew!!) and all is well. He is coming back next week to see if he can deal with my unexpectedly low wireless broadband signal... not that it affects me, but it does affect everyone else, which in turn, i guess, affects me....

so, thats it


no project was done.

might go with the sacred cremation idea..... what do you think Lisa, then paint a picture on a little urn with the ashes?? ha ha

Sorry.... of course i wont.... ahem  ;]

Lotsa luv


Michelle said...

Sounds remarkably like my life.



Lisa said...

you burn that project and i will smack your ass- non committee meeting attending but permed friend of mine xxx

Anonymous said...

Jen...I was looking for the "other" picture! Ha ha! Funny post. Love the signature! And coveting!

skywind said...

What are you coveting? Can tell us? (Smile) that you nuts, let me be envious of the picture makes me like a squirrel on the hop as the next hop.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love having the computer gurus come and fix problems. It would drive me nuts trying to figure it all out! Love the new sig line!

Natalie said...

Good news re: computer AND nuts.Goodonya!

The Tall Red Head said...

I want a signature!! And where have all these people come from?? I have missed so much in the last 4 weeks. And how do you put those awards up? Do they have a nutty redhead award? Me and Kristy deserve that one.

Michelle said...

I am thinking that skywind might be word verification come to life...hmmmmm

I apologise if it is a real person but I dont think it is somehow.