Friday, 6 February 2009

Aha moments...

This evening I have had some really big 'aha moments'.

I am not ready to talk about them yet, but have lots and lots to think about trying to sort it all out.


Worked til late today, was OK. Ha - boss said that they were fixing the toilet up for me weather i would use it or not... ha ha. Very nice. Must have gotten himself a conscious. Although I haven't really mentioned it.... Have whinged more about the lack of stationery then anything... hmmm - stationery is an addiction of mine - I must confess... might be why am lusting after it.

Missed full moon tonight - damn it. Brad has to work and someone had to pick AJ up from work at 8... so that someone had to be me. sigh.

hot hot hot over the weekend peoples. Am going to hunt and gather supplies in the morning to last this family until Monday.. I don't want to have to go out in it. I hate the heat....

sigh again

feeling really introspective and on edge tonight

I have been given a letter by Nat in the Letter Game. Will do it in the morning... have been thinking long and hard about this..... blog it tomorrow.

going to go and read for a while waiting for KJ to come home from Ice Skating tonight at 11.30 or so....



Lisa said...

are you ok ?

Natalie said...

Aha! So that's what you've been up to!

I am feeling psycho about the heat ~ can't like it too!


Jen said...

Thank you , am totally fine. I have managed to put some things together and am trying to understand where they fit. Might be something i have been missing for a while... :) Its good.

psycho heat - yes Nat. Home tomorrow?? do you wanna chat???

Natalie said...

Root canal at 11a.m.

Won't be able to talk well for a few hours. Will ring when I can.xx