Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A new post


Its time for a new post.

I remember me 24 or so hours ago.

I was quite distressed and struggling to be able to see, feel and reach out for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Then, and since then, I have been told, shown, reminded, that for things to change, then I must do the changing.

This is very hard and it brings to my mind the old story of walking down the street and the hole in the road. Here it is -
I walk down the street.
There is a hole.
I don't see it.
I fall in.
It isn't my fault.
It takes a very long time to get out.

I walk down the same street.
There is still a deep hole.
I pretend not to see it.
I fall in.
I pretend it's still not my fault.
It takes a long time to get out.

I walk down the same street.
There is still the same deep hole.
I see it.
I fall in anyway.
It's a habit.
I get out quicker this time.

I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole.
I see it.
I walk around it.
I don't fall in.

I walk down a different street.

I think I am up to the bit where I see the hole but fall in anyway. It can be really hard. Especially where there are strong emotions involved. And misunderstandings. And issues around communication that seem insurmountable. And if you have an overactive imagination.

I know this doesnt make a whole lot of sense, but I guess I dont really want to spread it all out here.

On another note. Cheryl and I had a LOVELY night last night (after the meltdown) playing with Lisa and pendulums. I have used pendulums many times over the years, but have not really gotten RIGHT into it. Lisa showed us some interesting uses, eg using it with tarot or oracle cards, crystals, a chakra chart. Very interesting. Heaps of fun. I am soooo behind in my work. And think that whoever thought up that solitaire craft project is sooooo mean. Hmph, I remember someone snickering about it early in the peace... NOW I KNOW WHY!!! I am fully tempted to smash everything up and glue into a mess and call it chaos. mwa ha ha (that was an evil laugh) I will think of something i guess. heaps of time (NOT)

Anyway, am going to hit the sack. Am very tired.

Sending lots and lots of love and hugs and healing to our blogging friends that are not well right now. My thoughts are with you.




Lisa said...

dear jennifer
you are welcome ( regarding pendulums) and you know i enjoy your meltdowns. You are ok you know? Really. I would never lie to you.
How is your perm ?
you missed a grat committee meeting- lasted two hours adn we laughed the whole time- still, you did get a perm, so that is something.
smooches sister of mine
Lisa xx

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I think I LIVE in that hole!
Great story....makes one think, that's for sure.
Maybe someday I'll figure out how to take a different street myself:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the story of walking down the street. I had never read it before. As I was reading, a MILLION scenarios from my personal life raced through my head. I have visited that hole in the ground more times than I care to relate!
Glad you had a fun night. Those kind of evenings are good for the soul, aren't they?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I am so intrigued by the whole tarot thing, I think I'm going to do more research on it. Hope you got a good night's sleep.

skywind said...

I feel very sad song. You can also very sad. People have a climax and a trough. Hope you can quite the past. I bless you. God will bless you. Amen.

Michelle said...

Most goodest....soon you will walk down another street.

Its not easy but once you get there, it actually is.


Dave King said...

Sounds like you live down my street!

Jen said...

Thanks guys...

that story has been a favourite of mine for a long time now - quite profound.

Do you have a hole in your street Dave??

Update.. I had a good sleep - well mostly. Had to get up at 3.33 to give the boy a puffer and get him a tissue.


Natalie said...

Thank you darling for all of it. Feeling very much in a hole myself. Thank God for friends that really give a shit.xx♥♥oo

Jen said...

In your condition Nat, I wouldnt be making cracks about 'giving a shit!!'

lol -

Holes are normal occurances here... damn it