Sunday, 8 February 2009

Interesting meme

This is an interesting Meme that I saw on someones blog.....  You just put your first name, then 'needs' in inverted commas into google and hit search. Just like this... "jen needs" (but swap my name for yours, obviously) - funny what comes up. 

OH, and I cant get rid of Italics for some reason...... (my comments in brackets)

Jen needs to have a session or two with a therapist. (ya think??? lol)

Jen needs to get a grip on her life   (yes, I used to have one, but it broke)

Jen needs to be a little more picky about who she gives her heart to  (hmmm)

Jen needs to take some time and be by herself (YES YES YES)

Jen Needs Red Glitter   (why not??)
Jen needs a little alone time (as before, but please add an extra YES)

Jen needs to work on her self esteem   (oh how well you know me)

That was fun... now it is your turn!!


Lisa said...

Lisa NEEDs Braces
Lisa needs to get a life
Lisa needs a new concealer
Lisa needs your help
Lisa needs a home

tee hee

Myst_72 said...

Oh dear - my first one said
"Gina Needs...To Get F@*KED"




Natalie said...


Now why don't you tell the nice people where you REALLY put your red glitter?

I will do it only because it's you and I like Italians. Especially Italian letters! xxoo

Anonymous said...

God, this is so freaky!

And bloody funny!

Natalie said...

Hows about the other jen with the same photo of her 3 kids?? Saw that via authorblog and funny Micheles blog and yours, too weird not to investigate eh? maybe she is the good twin??? Mwa, ha,ha!!!

Jen said...

I know Nat, I scooted over and left a comment yesterday, she visited me back!!

and is there a red glitter story that I dont remember... is it the one about the face washer??? lol

and dont you come over here and laugh that evil laugh .... lol, kidding, evil laugh all you like!!


jewell said...

didn't work for me.....

Lisa said...

Ha! That was too fun.

Barry said...

I keyed "Barry Needs" into google and discovered I need a job.

I'll have to break that news to my boss.

Or maybe he has news he is about to break to me?

Renee said...

Really enjoyed your L post, but didn't want to comment there in case ou sent me a letter to do. har har

So many things you said are true. I laughed at the lol. I actually hate when I see that and if someone actually said it out loud I would probbly choke.

How wonderful for you that your Dad has visited you in that way and how wise of you that you realize it.

Love Renee