Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Middle child

I have three stories about my middle child that I want to share with you now...

Those that either know her, or know of her via this blog will know her as a TOTAL individual. (that was being kind) When she was young we used to call her 'Feral Cheryl'. She is personality plus x 2342354235.

I will start with the most recent story.

Today, at school, in her Work Education (careers) lesson, (she is in Year 9) her teacher asked her what she wanted to be when she left school - this is how the conversation ensued...

K - "The prime minister by day and a prostitute by night!!"

Teacher - (shocked expression) "What would your mother say if I told her you said that to me?????"

K - She knows - "she told me I should be a High Class Prostitute!!!"

Teacher - (gaping, bug eyed look - speechless)

Gee thanks for dropping me into that K, guaranteed to be the talk of the staff room this afternoon. sigh.... lol

The second story - Last week I asked her ballet/jazz teacher (who is a gorgeous person) if she could maybe mentor her a little bit, seeing as she is one of the only authority figures that K has any respect for. She agreed and then went one better. After lesson last Thursday night she asked K if she could come in early on Monday afternoons and help to teach the tiny tots lesson - the children would call her Miss K etc... well you should have seen her face. It was priceless. Her eyes went like saucers, and her gob dropped open. Her face went pink, red, purple and she had the most ridiculous grin on her face. Awwww - sooo excited. She loves little kids - and they love her too... she did her first afternoon yesterday and had an absolute ball. She already has three cling-ons apparently. Priceless.

The third story - I have a book called The Numerology of Names by Laureli Blyth. I looked up K's name (first name only) and this is what it says -
An entertainer who thrives on an audience. Often a drama queen.
Has a natural ability to spread joy. Can appear flighty, scatterbrained.

What a bloody crack up. Couldnt paint a truer picture if you tried.

Anyway.... thats it for her

Thank you to Lisa for Highlighting me on her blog today.. I must have been her first follower. Keep up the good work :)


Lisa said...

You are welcome- as a spotlighted bestie you also get a free blog mention too !!!!!

btw- Yes or no for tongiht ?

Natalie said...

Noice.....On all counts. :D xx

Renee said...

Because of Lisa, I got to come here and enjoy this wonderful story of your middle child.

Great post.


Michelle said...




Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!
I found your blog through Renee's site and I very much enjoyed it. Your middle child is a lovely, precocious young woman who, though I am certain she drives you crazy, is clearly full of love! Enjoy her!

I am thinking of you and your fellow countrymen as you battle the horrific fires. Hope that you are in a safe place.
- audrey

Kathryn Magendie said...

I am here visiting from Lisa's place and saying hello!

Anonymous said...

I believe in the name thing, also. We seem to have a dog called Alfie who is so well behaved.
My mum has a dog called Monty, who is naughty.
We know other dogs called Alfie who are well behaved dogs also. So Maybe it happens with pets also?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on numerology etc. I am starting to notice numbers attracting others.